Diving remote Rocas Alijos

Location: Rocas Alijos, open ocean pinnacle west of Baja California, Mexico.
We arrived  remote and mysterious Alijos Rocks finally in flat oily water it made it a little spookey that just upon arrival a mist layed over the rocks. We carefully navigated closer to them and anhored of what seems to be a lava flow ridge at 45 ft , but on the side it was 150 ft. Quickly we set the lines from the aft of Nautilus. I got down my face in the water and loocked forward.  What a viz!!!!! I could see the whole boat and the anchor chain and the ridge thewe where anchored on!!! About 200ft Viz!  Dropping down in this air clear water and landing on the bottom we got surrounded by several redtailed trigger fish and Clarion Angel fish with big bumpheaded Mexican Hog fish so curious that I think all of us got bitten by this little blue devil.  First dive, where are the sharks?  Lots of fish but no sharks. On our way looking for an other divesite we spotted two hammerheads from the skiff. Directly at the surface. We jumped in after them but they where gone in a flash. In the after noon we found a cleaningstation on just 40 ft of water and as people had said there are galapagos, but most juveniles.  Today we saw only scalloped hammerhead and galapagos sharks  –  no silky or whitetip reef sharks as expected. Divemaster Sten.
Weather: Hot and sunny, air temperature 30 degrees C, flat calm, beautiful, mild to medium current
Water: Incredible visibility 200 feet plus!!!!   Water temperature 23 – 24 degrees Celsius.

By Nautilus Staff

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