Dive Day 2 exploring Alijos Rocks

Location: Rocas Alijos, a remote oceanic volcanic pinnacle off the coast of Baja California, Mexico
We found the sharp shallow pinnacle at Rocas Alijos!! Top on 30 ft and it goes straight down on a flat sand and rocky bottom at 175 ft. Impressive! For not missing it we dove down a grapple on the top.  Lots of fish, Sheepheads on the very deep. It feels like a  hammerhead area. But we did not see any until the very surface. Yellowfin Tuna passed by the area of Creol wrasse. It is a pelagic  area for sure.  Also traces of fishing line that have been caught on the pinnacles.  Unfortunately we saw several of the juvenil Galapagos with hooks in their mouth. On one of the sites I was snorkeling checking out new divesites and looked behind me. I counted 15 juvenile not bigger then 4 ft long and very curious galapagos. We dropped the grappel there again! On this dive we found a lava flow that had created a bridge and a swimthrough. In under this bridge there where about a 100 barber fish and a round a 50 Clarion Angelfish coming up to us, A typical Cleaningstation. Sharks were around as well. Interesting is to see that the Clarion angelfish has with the king angelfish created a hybrid in between both of them.
We ended up a last and 4th dive at Rocas Alijos just under the boat.  Just to say good by to a to short time out here. We could not have asked for better weather and better viz. Pelagic exsists even if not in the numbers that would have been seen out here 15 years ago. It is still a bit early to say after only two days of diving. The other thing is interesting to see is the geology under the surface, the frozen lavaflows, the minerals and rocks. It felt  be priviliged to have had the chance to get out on this remote three small rocks.  We said thank you and steamed towards our last destination of our trip Cabo San Lucas.   Divemaster Sten and the crew of the Nautilus Explorer
Weather: Hot, sunny, gorgeous and amazingly calm in open ocean.
Water: 175 feet visibility (not a misprint), water temperature 76 degrees farenheit.

By Nautilus Staff

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