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  • Grouper in the Sea of Cortez

    Lobsters, turtles and more at Isla Tortuga

    On the second dive the current had changed direction so we went to the east side to drift dive and we encountered a piece of old net. While following it we saw it had 6 huge slipper lobsters tangled in it! Everyone that was with our group started to take out their baby knives and Rambo knives to set the lobsters free.

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  • giant oceanic manta and bottlenose dolphin drifting beside one another

    Sighting scalloped hammerhead sharks

    Our first dive day kicked off with great conditions – calm seas above and excellent visibility below. A mild current over the volcanic rock ridge brought early sightings of large scalloped hammerhead sharks and a couple curious manta rays…

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  • A graceful manta dances at The Boiler in Socorro

    The Boiler gives it all!

    Playful dolphins for the entire dive, and a couple of chevron mantas slowly getting cleaned by clarions were spotted close to the rock. Even a whale shark, swam from the depth to the shallowest area of the Boiler.

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  • we have to post a guest blog describing the Nautilus Explorer as a really great boat with excellent staff :)

    Today participated in two dives at Socorro Island. The first was Cabo Pierce, and we went to 90 feet. Due to the current we all went down on a line to the anchor at 65 feet heading east we went to an area of rock formations to watch for    sharks. Hammerhead sharks were seen in addition to Galapagos shark and both white tip and black tip. We also saw several groups of fish including the Clarion Angel, parrott fish, butterfly, and red tailed triggerfish. On the second dive close to shore, we saw several puffer fish, Trumpet fish, and a large lobster, The Nautilus Explorer is a really great dive boat and the staff is excellent. They have corrected a lot of equipment problems and have made our stay extremely pleasant. The food is wonderful. Each day so far we have seen numerous Humpback whales calves, and have seen them breaching. They have been all around us. We went on a whale watch getting great views the the whales and calves and have even seen the calves playing with dolphins.   The weather and seas have been wonderful. It‚s been very smooth sailing so far. We just had the Mexican Navy…

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  • A couple of Giant Pacific Mantas cruised slowly overhead to round out the day – June 6, 2011, Socorro and Sea Of Cortez – Captain’s Log

      We wrapped up the Socorro portion of this expedition on May 31st with a day of diving at San Benedicto. An early morning dive at the Canyon in search of schooling hammerheads unfortunately did not turn up any big animals with low visibility hiding anything that might be swimming by. For the remainder of the day we moved the The Boiler and had two very nice dives despite the unusually cold water 19C (70F). The water a was nice clear blue and the pinnacle was teeming with schooling fish like the big-eyed jacks, yellow-fin tuna, burrito grunts, cortez chubbs and barber fish. A couple of Giant Pacific Mantas cruised slowly overhead to round out the day. In the afternoon we picked up the anchor and began the 340 nautical mile transit up into the Sea of Cortez. The transit north was quite pleasant with light winds and a long, gentle swell most of the way up. This made for a comfortable and enjoyable day of relaxation to off-gas in preparation for more diving around the islands near La Paz, Baja California. We arrived at our first destination, La Reyna, this morning and were ready for our first dive by…

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  • Guest Blog – Hammerheads, and what I am Certain was a Tiger Shark – Clipperton

    Another sunny day at Clipperton. Today diving around the NE side of the island. A lot of activity on the reef for the pre-breakfast dive with White Tip Reef and Galapagos sharks cruising in. If you hung around too long a Moray would be over to check you out. Excitement on the third dive: hammerheads and what I am certain was a Tiger shark – a substantial outline with those silver and black stripes – just checking the video now – it cruised into the reef and skirted us and then back into the blue. Reports from the fourth dive include a turtle sighting .. Nadine Day started well, backward roll straight into the blue and a circling school of big eye jacks. On the second dive I saw a hammerhead, not in the blue but cruising on the reef at 26 metres. I sat out the 3rd dive which is not to be advised on Clipperton as I missed 2 more hammerheads! But on 4th dive, with a great deal of fish activity, we saw another scalloped hammerhead but it was on the small side. Towards end of dive we also saw a wahoo above us near the surface.A…

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  • Guest Blog – Four Dives with Silvertips and galapagos – Clipperton Atoll

    A nice day of diving on the leeward (SW) side of Clipperton Atoll.  We made four dives along the barrier wall and saw many silvertip and Galapagos sharks.  The tiger shark and hammerheads from yesterday did not visit us again, but tomorrow is another day and another chance.  –Chris Up early for pre-breakfast dive and amazed to find that the Atoll is still in view and we really are at Clipperton. We also discover that we are not alone – a tuna fishing boat on the horizon. It hung around for a bit then moved on. Four amazing reef dives on offer – Creole fish, Leather Bass, Blue and Gold Snappers, Golden Jack, Pacific Crevalle, Blue Spotted Jack, Lumphead Triggerfish, more Clipperton Angel fish and the usual active morays and Galapagos Sharks. Actually on several of the dives we noted the same shark with a long line fishing hook through the jaw and line trailing. Such a shame but I am beginning to think of him or her as Captain Hook…  I declined the fourth dive for a sunset rib trip  along the atoll. Nadine I was lucky enough to see the tiger shark yesterday. I’m hoping it might be…

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