Sighting scalloped hammerhead sharks

San Benedicto Island is always a favorite place to wake up to. Getting the dive deck ready for our first day of diving while watching the volcano appear in front of us and sharks beginning to circle the boat as the sun rises is hard to beat.

Our first dive day kicked off with great conditions – calm seas above and excellent visibility below. A mild current over the volcanic rock ridge brought early sightings of large scalloped hammerhead sharks and a couple curious manta rays – one black and one large female chevron almost completely white on her ventral surface.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed large numbers of very active white tip reef sharks and bluefin trevally, as well as huge moray eels and free swimming octopus. To end a great day, we feasted on Chef Kike’s delicious taco fiesta on the sun deck of the Nautilus Explorer. A boat full of happy divers excited for our next days of diving!

– Divemaster Maya

After a month off the boat it was good to be back in the Revillagigedo Archipelago with our crew and a great bunch of customers and a very nice atmosphere on board. My personal highlight of each trip is often the silky snorkel that I love a lot. But this time I got the chance to dive for the very first time at an amazing dive site we call The Boiler.

We saw jack fish, a lot of Clarion fish and some baby whitetips sleeping on top of the rock cuddled together like puppies. Moray eels, big ones, were around too! And suddenly from the distance this beautiful chevron manta swam towards us floating like an angel, She came very close and looked me right in the eye and danced in front of us.

During these magic moments, one can really forget for an instant about every single other thing on the planet, just captivated from their beauty. I will never get enough of the Revillagigedo queens!

– Hostess Nubia

By Nautilus Crew

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