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  • giant oceanic manta and bottlenose dolphin drifting beside one another

    Sighting scalloped hammerhead sharks

    Our first dive day kicked off with great conditions – calm seas above and excellent visibility below. A mild current over the volcanic rock ridge brought early sightings of large scalloped hammerhead sharks and a couple curious manta rays…

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  • A graceful manta dances at The Boiler in Socorro

    The Boiler gives it all!

    Playful dolphins for the entire dive, and a couple of chevron mantas slowly getting cleaned by clarions were spotted close to the rock. Even a whale shark, swam from the depth to the shallowest area of the Boiler.

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  • we have to post a guest blog describing the Nautilus Explorer as a really great boat with excellent staff :)

    Today participated in two dives at Socorro Island. The first was Cabo Pierce, and we went to 90 feet. Due to the current we all went down on a line to the anchor at 65 feet heading east we went to an area of rock formations to watch for    sharks. Hammerhead sharks were seen in addition to Galapagos shark and both white tip and black tip. We also saw several groups of fish including the Clarion Angel, parrott fish, butterfly, and red tailed triggerfish. On the second dive close to shore, we saw several puffer fish, Trumpet fish, and a…

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  • Our annual and very unusual visit to Clarion Island. WOW!!

    We are about a third of the way through our current dive expedition to the Socorro Islands. This expedition is 13 days total and will include 11 days of diving. One benefit of this extra long trip is the chance to visit Isla Clarion. Clarion is the last of the 4 islands of the Revillagigedo Archipelago and is rarely visited due to it’s distance from the other three islands. We began our diving for this trip as we usually do at San Benedicto. Upon arrival at the island we were greeted by the pod of resident bottlenose dolphins playing in…

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  • Dolphin niceness.

    Yesterday’s diving at Clarion was as nice as the dolphins were under water. -G

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  • Started slow but now AMAZING is the only word that can describe these dives; Mantas some hammerhead sharks and humpback whales.

    Right now we are on Socorro island at Cabo Pierece (east point). We have been waiting and waiting for the Mantas and they finally arrived; this  made everyone very happy! The previous day we were at Clarion Island which was a very good dive. We saw dolphins interacting and some people were snorkeling with the whales; great times! Roca Partida was fascinating. Lots of sharks, there were HUGE tunas in hunting mode, and lots of whales around us!! We have 2 more days of diving and I’m not sure what else we can show our guest, they told me that…

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  • Captain’s Blog and Video – schooling hammerheads and friendly giant pacific Mantas – Socorro

      Enroute to Socorro from the Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico After a few days exploring the Sea of Cortez we are now back in the open Pacific ocean and again in search of more big animals. We emerged from the Sea of Cortez near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and gradually began feeling the change in motion of the Nautilus as we passed from the more sheltered waters into the gently rolling swell of the Pacific. With a fairly large swell forecast we first headed westward, and not in the direction of the Socorro Islands, in order to gain…

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