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  • humpback whale breaching at Roca Partida, Socorro

    We see more humpback whales this year!

    We get (I think) about 2000 humpback whales to the Revillagigedo. They first come in December and start to return in the end of April. Here they come to give birth, to mate, to fight for the beautiful coming mother humpbacks, breach, dance. They de-lice themselves as well in the warm water.

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  • amazing golden sunset in the revillagigedo archipelago

    Pod of dolphins, mantas, and humpbacks!

    Boiler has been good so far with a pod of dolphins around the divers and mantas just at once. A humpback whale was jumping out of water about four or five times, showing us how big they can be. The water temperature is 74F, mild current to strong in most of the dive sites, visibility 60 to 70 ft. Another great dive!

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  • diver takes a selfie with countless schools of fish

    Schools and piles of sharks!

    On the first day we have seen five different species of sharks. Second day at Roca Partida: huge schools of different species of sharks and whitetip reef sharks piled on top of one another…

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  • whitetip reef shark swims casually over the rocks

    Always amazing Roca Partida

    Wonderful manta shows throughout the trip on San Benedicto island and Socorro island. Schooling hammerheads at Roca Partida. And a whale shark on the second dive of the trip!

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  • diver gets a great photo angle of manta ray

    1st Dive Day, Fantastic!

    Check out dive – nice and smooth at red rocks, 2 to 4 fantastic mantas came to visit us, then turtles, lots of fish, lobsters, and rays. And then…the most amazing sound…Humpback Whales singing!

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  • black manta ray from below, swimming by regulator bubbles

    Hammerhead and humpback cameos

    Some hammerheads made a cameo on the last dive, as well as humpback whales just behind the boat during the surface interval topped off the end of the day.

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  • Magical Second time at Socorro

    So excited be back at Socorro for the second time. I wish time would just slow down! It’s been full of so many memories and looking forward to even more! The first dive of the trip did not disappoint with a 7 ft Tiger shark. Of course the mantas at the Boiler put on a show, as did the mother and baby humpbacks breaching at Roca Partida. The numerous Galapagos, hammerhead, silvertip, and silky sharks did not disappoint either. However the highlight has been the pod of 30 dolphins that appeared at Cabo Pearce in Socorro for the last 20…

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