Socorro Islands – An Unmissable Diving Destination

Why are the Socorro Islands in the Archipelago Revillagigedo considered to be among the top diving destinations in the world? The reason is simple. Regardless of whether you are exploring below the surface at El Canyon, the Boiler, Punta Tosca, or Roca Partida, you will never be short of amazing undersea creatures frolicking around you. You are transported to another world, not much different from what you have always wanted to see in your dreams.

Bonding with Sea Animals – An Amazing Experience

On our trip to Socorro, we put together a huge bunch of diving memories that will last us a lifetime.

At the El Canyon, we were in close contact with Chevron Mantas and Galapagos sharks at the cleaning station as well as hammerheads! Diving at the Boiler was one of the highlights of the trip where we were with a bunch of bottlenose dolphins and Mantas throughout the day. Roca Partida was no less and turned out to be the perfect spot to see big yellowfin tunas and pelagic, lots of whitetip sharks, and 2 chevron Mantas swimming in the northwest!

A huge surprise lay in store for us at Punta Tosca on Socorro Island.  There was a large tiger shark of 3m or 9 ft, and a black Manta passing along the wall. I will never forget the incredible dive at the Aquario. As soon as we plunged into the depths of the ocean, we were confronted with lots of tropical fish and a black manta that breached the surface!

Cabo Pearce was an exclusive manta domain; we were surrounded by them. Mantas were swimming all around the cleaning stations and interacting with the divers. It was a feast for the eyes as apart from the 6 mantas, there were also lots of clarion angel fish on top, and a humpback whale. We knew in our hearts that anything could happen at Cabo Pierce and we were not disappointed at the sightings.

The dives were made even more pleasant by the conditions we faced. The water temperature was a very comfortable 76 F to 78 F, the visibility was 50 ft to 80 ft and the current was mild to strong in Cabo Pearce! I would say ideal diving conditions.

The Excitement Goes On

After yesterday, today was no less exciting and before nightfall, we had had our fill of some wonderful underwater adventure.

It started in the morning with Dolphins and a school of Hammerheads on the first dive. On the second dive, we had an amazing encounter with a super friendly Chevron Manta. We saw a lot of sharks of various species on all our dives – White tips, Silver tips, Oceanic Blacktips, Hammerheads, Galapagos, Silkies, and even a Tiger shark.

Close Encounters at El Boiler

At El Boiler, I wish I was an octopus to point out all the fascinating things that kept cropping up simultaneously. It was a kaleidoscope of events that will always be imprinted in our memories.

Imagine this wonderful scenario that we had been through. We are on a skiff with 4 dolphins playing around and as we drop into the water to meet them, two mantas suddenly appear from out of the blue and pass in front of us. Just as we were getting over this surprise, 2 huge tunas, another manta, and one hammerhead show up from nowhere. The dolphins were playing with us for more than 15 minutes, probably the longest 15 minutes of my life. I was overwhelmed by the encounter. When the dolphins left, a small school of hammers came from the bottom and stayed with us for some time. For the rest of the dive, we were with 9 mantas who were within our handshaking distance.

I will never forget my trip to this Archipelago and hope to be back soon to be with these wonderful creations of God again.

By Nautilus Crew

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