A Ticket to Paradise – Archipelago Revillagigedo with Nautilus Liveaboards

Have you ever dreamt of finding a remote lost paradise with volcanic islands eroded by the waves of an open ocean and wild and dramatic coastlines? Do you get mesmerized by breathtaking reddish orange sunsets dazzling over rippling waves, pure and untrodden wildernesses that are touched by the deep crystal-clear waters of the ocean?

If you had all these at your fingertips, could you ask for more? Yes, you would. How about diving below the mysterious sea here to observe, interact, and get mind blown by highly intelligent, majestic Mantas, friendly and playful Dolphins, thrilling but highly misunderstood sharks, and innumerable species of pelagic and reef fish? In this paradise on earth, submerge yourself in the dark deep ocean teeming with sea creatures below the surface and free yourself from the rigors of the daily grind of life. Does all this sound Utopian to you and beyond your wildest expectation? Wait! We have a ticket to this dreamland for you! Come to Archipelago Revillagigedo aka Socorro with Nautilus Liveaboard and etch an amazing experience in your memory for life.

Diving at Socorro Islands

Let me tell you about my experience in this incredible place and you will understand why Archipelago Revillagigedo, also known as Socorro Island holds a special place in my heart. If you are diving here, you will find that the waters of the Socorro Archipelago are full of magnificent sea creatures that you have probably seen until now only in wildlife documentaries.

The strong currents and swells here not only bring super creatures at eye-contact distance with you but also let you improve your diving skills, work on your endurance, and most important of all, allow you to have the time of your life. If I was to choose one dive that I would remember forever, it would be the dive at Roca Partida. It was my 100th dive and a special one at that. As soon as we got under the choppy angry waters, we were surrounded by sharks, fish, and a surreal new world.

That was one memorable celebration!

Punta Tosca – Would Love to Live Here Forever

Even thinking of diving off Socorro Islands gives me goosebumps but if I was given a choice of where to live for the rest of my life and retire in peace, it would definitely be La Punta.

This is trip #861 for the Nautilus Explorer and trip #5 for me, and after seeing most of this idyllic paradise over the years, I would love to settle down in La Punta. I would have a small hut on the golden cliffs of Socorro and a small sailing boat near the bay and dive there every day.

In my opinion, this is an ideal place to teach open water courses because of the lay of the land above and below the surface of the water. You have a shallow, super healthy reef full of curious turtles and lovely soft sand, the perfect setting for teaching confined water exercises. Later on, you can enjoy both fingers with dolphins and the magnificent mantas sweeping past you within a hand-shaking distance.

My favorite lava finger at Punta is the western side. It has sawed shapes that create parallel corridors in it and lots of small green sponges that, in addition to the corals on the top, stand out in bright contrast to the black background color. The western finger is like a balcony where you can dive for hours on end and gaze into the immensity of the ocean while waiting for our lovely friends, the mantas to arrive and give us company.

On the other hand, the eastern finger is a good refuge from currents and a sort of meeting place for octopus, eels, and all kinds of reef fish. I really enjoy the experience where at a certain point of the dive, after following the wall for a while, I can look for a “window” where to jump to the middle section and show the divers the amazing contrasts in color and formation of this incredible coral paradise.

If only my dream of living here came true!

By Nautilus Crew

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