Incredible Hospitality and Breathtaking Dives at Socorro Islands

I have recently completed a trip to the Socorro Islands aboard the Nautilus Explorer and have been extremely moved by the experience, not only the breathtaking dives in one of the best diving sites in the world but also the incredible hospitality on board the ship.

The dives were spectacular with Socorro offering a very rich hue of ocean life. From diving with Mantas at arm’s length to schools of Tuna to a parade of dozens of silky sharks, Socorro offered a unique experience that will be etched in my mind for years to come.

But all this would have come to naught had it not been for the wonderful crew and the hospitality provided to the guests on board the Nautilus Explorer.

World-class Crew and Support Staff of Nautilus Explorer

As my first liveaboard dive trip, the Nautilus Explorer team has set the gold standard for what I would seek in all future liveaboards.

On board, Felipe kept everyone well-fed with a delicious assortment of local and international cuisines, while Laura and Mar were stellar hostesses who never seemed to miss a beat. Carlos worked his magic below deck to keep everything on the Explorer running smoothly, and Captain Ramon and first mate Javier safely navigated the high seas to and from each dive site.
A special word is due for the dive masters. The magical diving experience was only made possible by the professionalism of Pascal, Elise, Joan, and Fabio and their intimate familiarity with each dive site. Every drop was safely managed and unforgettable, with highlights including countless giant mantas in San Benedicto and Socorro and hundreds of white-tip and silky sharks in Roca Partida.

I am personally a slow-to-equalize diver and the dive masters supported me right through so that I could thoroughly enjoy each dive. They went above and beyond in the water to maximize our diving experience. Their professionalism and expertise make your dives a safe and enjoyable experience in a potentially challenging environment.

Apart from the dives, the other staff and crew were beyond comparison. From the beginning of the trip to the end, the experience was top-notch. The entire crew made it a thoroughly comfortable and enjoyable trip, being friendly, attentive, and always open to suggestions about how the trip could be better for you. The briefings were informative without being too repetitive. The evening presentations on sea life and the islands by Pascal were a highlight of the trip. His knowledge and passion for the subject captivated his entire audience.

Outside of the diving, the accommodations were comfortable and the food was fabulous. Sailing on the Nautilus Explorer is sheer luxury and the dives were no less. You will not regret a trip aboard this ship to the unique Socorro Islands in search of wonderful sea life.

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