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  • “It felt like being right in a National Geographic documentary”

    “This is the calmest ocean I’ve ever seen out here, and I’ve been on countless trips to Socorro”, chef Steve on the Gallant Lady announced, while serving an absolute delicious breakfast. Only moments later, Captain Adrian interrupted our meal, announcing dolphins through the radio. Everybody rushed out on deck, to witness a unique natural spectacle. Bottlenose dolphins were jumping out of the water as far as we could see, surrounding us and following us at the tip of the boat.

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  • Nautilus Gallant Lady

    Smoothers seas ahead for the Gallant Lady

    We have both built and restored dive boats a number of times over the last 27 years. First there was the 50 foot Nautilus VI which we converted from a yacht. Then the 85 foot Nautilus VII, an old wooden WW2 sub chaser that had seen much better days but was all that we could afford! Following that, the Nautilus Explorer was our first brand new build and she is beautiful. The 102 year-old Nautilus Swell followed and while she was originally launched the same year as the Titanic (1912), the ship was in immaculate condition and well-loved by all. Our big, beautiful Nautilus Belle Amie was our next new build, followed by a massive renovation and stretching of the Undersea Hunter of Cocos Island fame.

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