Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady- 2022-10-16

Location: Los Islotes

Weather: Clear Skies, Light NW Wind, Swell (2-3ft)

We completed two more dives yesterday afternoon at Punta Perico. Both had good conditions and the guests enjoyed them. All but two of the guests made the dive and everybody came up happy with the day. We got underway right after dive three to run up to Espiritu Santo and anchor close to Los Islotes. Once we got north of Ceralvo the winds were blowing pretty hard out of the WSW and tossing us around a bit. I had hoped to get protection tucked up along the NE side of Isla Partida for the night, but there were enough wrap-around seas to make that unpleasant so we ended up anchoring about three miles south of Los Islotes on the east side.

The diving at Los Islotes (at least so far) has made up for it. Conditions were a bit breezy at the start of the dive, but things mellowed out nicely while the guests were under. And visibility and sea lion interactions have been great. Guests came back extremely happy with everything on dive one.

Right now we are underway, moving slowly toward Fang Ming. We will get guests onboard somewhere along the way so they can get fed. One more dive in the park and then a possible night dive tonight at San Fransisco.

Water temperature: 85°F

Visibility: 80-100ft

  • Captain Jon Shepard

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