Captain’s Noon Reports – Gallant Lady- 2022-06-06

Location: La Ventana

Weather: Clear Skies, S Light Wind, Swell (1ft)

There were a few small schools around La Ventana but not as many as last week and we couldn’t find a good, stationary one, so we headed down to Los Sueños. There we found a beautiful big school of mobulas, stationary, and spent about an hour snorkeling with them before coming back for a hot breakfast. Seems like more mobulas in Los Suenos than La Ventana at the moment. Just after we got the guests back on board, Katie and Scarlett in the Scout spotted a blue whale and we headed out in that direction.

On the way, I got distracted by a spout that I thought might have been the blue whale but turned out to be a humpback. We noticed it was trailing some fishing gear and a small float and reported details to the local marine mammal rescue organization, who are planning to look for it tomorrow morning out of San Jose del Cabo.

Now we are on our way north in the area between Espiritu Santo and La Reina, where there were some whale sharks spotted earlier. The Scout is going to try to put our guests on the whale sharks this afternoon and then probably finish with some mobulas that are up in this area as well unless of course we get lucky and find some orcas in the meantime.

Water temperature: 77°F

Visibility: 40ft

  • Captain Gordon Kipp

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