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  • diver films dolphins with GoPro

    This is the trip of dolphins

    We started off jumping close to the wall. While swimming towards the receiver, several whitetips crossed our way. Suddenly, a hammerhead appeared in the blue and disappeared as fast as he came. When swimming to the inner side of the lava finger, several whitetips were circling between the rocks…

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  • two scuba divers pose for a great underwater phtoo

    Silky night snorkel – always good fun

    However, the biggest thrills were to be found very close by today, diving under the boat with silkies! Contrary to the dolphins, they became really friendly and offered us many opportunities for good pictures and videos. The day ended with another silky night snorkel, which is always good fun for those in the water, but also they ones staying out of it.

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  • diver gets a good camera angle of a giant manta near the surface

    Magical Mantas at The Boiler

    Today at El Boiler we had hawksbill turtles, dolphins, mantas, silvertip sharks, galapagos sharks. On our last dive of the day something magical happened. The chevron manta that was checking at us during the last 20 minutes on the dive, came to say goodbye when we left the reef to do our safety stop…

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  • amazing golden sunset in the revillagigedo archipelago

    Pod of dolphins, mantas, and humpbacks!

    Boiler has been good so far with a pod of dolphins around the divers and mantas just at once. A humpback whale was jumping out of water about four or five times, showing us how big they can be. The water temperature is 74F, mild current to strong in most of the dive sites, visibility 60 to 70 ft. Another great dive!

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  • beautiful giant manta highlighted by the sun

    On a tous trouvé ça vraiment magique!

    Superbe journee, sur la 3eme plongee, une mere et son petit, et deux autres dauphins adultes sont venus au contacte dans un ballet feerique. Ils sont restes environ un quart d’heure avec nous, on a tous trouve ca vraiment magique!

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  • pack of dolphins in the navy revillagigedo waters

    Beautiful dive sites can get crazy!

    Yesterday was the best dives I ever had at the dive site Canyon. It’s a beautiful dive site where we usually go on the 1st day, where we sometimes see hammerheads and mantas. But yesterday was CRAZY. 3 out of the 4 dives were were absolutely outstanding, playful dolphins, mantas, and schooling hammerheads 3 times!

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  • two giant manta rays seemingly doing an aquatic dance together

    Fabulous team & dive masters

    The Dive Masters knowledge of all sites (Coeoiats Cannon, Roca Partida, Punta Tosca, The Boiler and Fondeadero) was invaluable. We were split into 3 dive teams that the dive masters rotated between all groups allowing them to get to know their guests on a one-to-one basis and not just by sight on the boat.

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