It’s the Best Investment You Can Do

Back at Archipelago Revillagigedo a.k.a Socorro… I am so happy to be back here, a remote paradise 280 Nm south of the Baja California Sur. The constellation of different factors makes it happen that megafauna gathers here. We have probably one of the biggest range of big animals in the world here in the UNESCO World Heritage Parc of Revillagigedo.

Today was my first dive of the season, we dove Cabo Pearce and it was a freaking blast.

First, we saw a single hammerhead, and then for 15 minutes nothing… Then we saw a school of hammerhead south/east of the receptor buoy, not the regular school, a wall of hammerheads, circling and coming back every time even closer to us. As the hammerheads came in the fourth time, Cabo Pearce just exploded… two pelagic mantas came in behind us, and at our right eight bottlenose dolphins swam toward us… Mate, we didn’t know where to go. Crazy! The dolphins were very playful and interacted with the group, I could see smiles behind the regs and heard people just shouting “Yeah!” and laughing. The mantas didn’t disappoint either, they were friendly and let people swim underneath them. I could talk about our encounters for hours, but come and check it out, it’s a way better life, it’s the best investment you can do after that crazy world order-changing situation we just went through.

I feel blessed to be back in Socorro.

  • Divemaster Pascal onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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