It Was Just Mind-Blowing!

Writing this on the 4th dive day and thinking back to the day we started I can’t believe all that happened. All the magic started when we arrived at the port and saw the boat where the nice staff was waiting for us with a glass of champagne – let’s call it champagne haha we call it prosecco. Anyways… I loved the vibe and that was the point I was realizing that a lifetime adventure will start. Let’s go to the first dive… it was the first time I’ve seen a manta as big as that one we saw on the first dive! At this time I didn’t know I will see way bigger ones and almost hug one. Also, my first hammerhead shark when nobody was watching! I freaked out! So when you think that was a great dive… I think everybody will remember the first dive of the second dive day! It was just mind-blowing! I mean imagine… you don’t expect anything and then a f**** hammerhead school is crossing by! And as that is not enough as we were on the way back we saw dolphins hanging around with huge manta rays and playing around!!! Just insane! So I think for now you can’t really top it but we still have the last dive day left on the boiler. Fingers are crossed and I already knocked on wood. Accept of all these amazing dives – I mean the ones between were amazing too. I loved how close I came to the mantas, silvertip sharks, and the tuna. The crew is amazing! And I mean all of YOU! Super friendly and professional, taking care of us and all the safety instructions. The food is so high quality and super tasty. Also one of my highlights was the silky shark night dive! You know what? I’m also not afraid of sharks anymore! What else can I say.. my team is great I love all of them.. were working super well together and everybody is taking care of each other! Of course, I have to make a big compliment to my roomie Steve because he is super kind and you couldn’t have a better roomie.

Also, Adam is amazing he did so many great videos and pictures of me.. couldn’t have a better dive buddy! Thank you! This is turning to a personal blog so I stop writing now!

A BIG THANK YOU for making my trip unforgettable to all of YOU! It’s magical!

  • Viola Kraus, onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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