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  • diver films dolphins with GoPro

    This is the trip of dolphins.

    We started off jumping close to the wall. While swimming towards the receiver, several whitetips crossed our way. Suddenly, a hammerhead appeared in the blue and disappeared as fast as he came. When swimming to the inner side of the lava finger, several whitetips were circling between the rocks, curious to find out what these black things were, making these strange bubbles. Almost as the hammerhead, a big manta, followed by blind passengers below him, showed up swimming gently above us and disappeared again in the blue.

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  • school of barberfish swimming about the sea floor

    Dives of diversity at Isla Danzante

    Our Sea of Cortez/Socorro combo trip has started with a good amount of life in the Loreto area (Isla Danzante), with 3 very good dives at the south point of Isla Danzante. We had the opportunity to go searching for photo opportunity animals such as Staghorn hermit crab, brown cheek Blennies…

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  • Perched on Top of a Small Pinnacle Lay my Wedding Ring!! I Found it!! Captain’s Log. Socorro Island. May 5, 2011

    Its been a very interesting trip here on the Nautilus Explorer this past couple of weeks.  Any trip that combines a combo of the Sea of Cortez and Socorro Island holds promise, and this one certainly delivered.  The Sea of Cortez is everything I crave when I search for warmer climates that my homeland of Canada simply can’t offer – the glassy, calm and inviting waters, the palm trees swaying in the breeze, the pelicans flying overhead, sealions and dolphins dancing in the waves.  The morning sunrises here were among the most beautiful I have ever seen.  I didn’t dive because of some unforeseen circumstances and a lot of night shifts, but with a little luck I will be back to have another go at it.  Hearing the stories of the guests as they climbed out of the water after seeing wrecks and dancing with the sealions has me primed! Its been some of the best weather I have ever encountered down on this stretch of coast.  The trip out to Soccorro was amazing.  Warm, nice breeze, clear water and general feeling of calm had me looking at everything in a very enchanting way.  It may have been this feeling…

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