Dives of diversity at Isla Danzante

Our Sea of Cortez/Socorro combo trip has started with a good amount of life in the Loreto area (Isla Danzante), with 3 very good dives at the south point of Isla Danzante.

We had the opportunity to go searching for photo opportunity animals such as Staghorn hermit crab, brown cheek Blennies, Blue spotted jawfish, so many different kinds of nudibranch, from the small ones to the tiny ones, Stingrays, electric rays and all the fish from the area like King angelfish, which in its juvenile stage is extremely beautiful. Some of our guests had some juvenile high hat interacting with the Green moray eels that get to grow a lot in this area, up to 1 mt. approx.

We had so much fun that we decided to start a photo contest as a game for our guests. (We will print a very nice diploma for the winner 😉
Will keep you posted guys to let you know how the pictures are developing.

– Mate Joel Ibarra

We boarded our guests at La Paz and headed up to north to Isla Danzante. We did our check out dive at the south end in 30ft of water. Water temp was 77F at the top and we encountered temp to 55 F. Vis was 30ft and drop but was nice to focus at the stingrays, nudibranchs, morays, and schools of fish.

We also found a Horn shark. A couple of the divers haven’t seen a horn shark before. When I did the shark sign, they looked at it from far as they thought it was going to come after them, but at the end they all came in close and had a close look.

Lots of sea fans, I enjoy the nice wall and canyons full of fans and soft coral. We end up doing our 3rd dive at the same dive site as it was lots to see and puddle around.

The weather was nice and hot, and the seas were calm. It always makes life easy and the diving when it is calm. All the guests are happy and enjoy the diving in the Sea of Cortez. Now we are heading more up north to Isla Tortuga for our day #2, will keep you all posted

– Divemaster Juan

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