Diver’s favourite: Archipelago de Revillagigedo

When I meet master divers I always ask them to tell me their favorite dive(s). That is how the Archipelago de Revillagigedo moved to the top of my “bucket list”… and it has lived up to its reputation for hugeness – both in size and numbers of the sea life.

I am so glad that I chose the Nautilus Belle Amie for this experience, because the crew are the best. They bend over backwards to make everything run smoothly. The dive briefings are excellent, the master divers take turns guiding the groups, and they are just fun to hang around with. Even the captain and the cook are approachable and mingle with the guests.

It doesn’t get any better than this!

– Kathy Daniel, Washington, DC

The EXPLORER, that’s the liveaboard you have to be on board for your best diving experience ever!!

Combo trip Socorro and Sea of Cortez was amazing, so much animals, and fun with guests and rest of crew. It is the boat you want to because the service, the food, the diving its awesome, and well just to have that privilege of diving with the big pacific mantas and sharks wao!

Last day of diving in Sea of Cortez, La Reina was so amazing, nice rock formations, and sea lions swimming around you will make your day, so don’t even think about just come and have this great experience of all your life.

– Divemaster Luis M.


a warm sunset shining on roca partida, the split rock

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