Perched on Top of a Small Pinnacle Lay my Wedding Ring!! I Found it!! Captain’s Log. Socorro Island. May 5, 2011

Its been a very interesting trip here on the Nautilus Explorer this past couple of weeks.  Any trip that combines a combo of the Sea of Cortez and Socorro Island holds promise, and this one certainly delivered.  The Sea of Cortez is everything I crave when I search for warmer climates that my homeland of Canada simply can’t offer – the glassy, calm and inviting waters, the palm trees swaying in the breeze, the pelicans flying overhead, sealions and dolphins dancing in the waves.  The morning sunrises here were among the most beautiful I have ever seen.  I didn’t dive because of some unforeseen circumstances and a lot of night shifts, but with a little luck I will be back to have another go at it.  Hearing the stories of the guests as they climbed out of the water after seeing wrecks and dancing with the sealions has me primed!
Its been some of the best weather I have ever encountered down on this stretch of coast.  The trip out to Soccorro was amazing.  Warm, nice breeze, clear water and general feeling of calm had me looking at everything in a very enchanting way.  It may have been this feeling that led me to drop my guard on Mother Nature (something I try not to do!) and drop my wedding ring over the side at Cabo Pearce.  Thankfully, and I mean REALLY thankfully! Pedro the divemaster quickly dropped a marker near the spot when it went over.  He went down right away to see if he could find it.  Pulling on my wetsuit and gearing up he a popped up at the surface and said “I don’t think so Kevin – it’s very rocky”  My heart sank.  But I went down anyway, along with Captain Gordon and Pedro and we looked around for 20 minutes.  Aside from a terrible guilt building in my heart it was an amazing dive!!!!  Fish everywhere, about 90 feet deep with the biggest Lapu Lapu (parrotfish) I have ever seen!  I was thoroughly enjoying myself as I search over rocks, in crevices and in between plants.  I came up over a large rock and just on the other side was a huge stingray!  A beautiful sight.  I stopped to look and then turned ahead once more when suddenly, perched on the top of a small pinnacle lay my ring!  It looked huge and I was conscious of a ‘Lord of the Rings’ scene as I floated there looking at it.  I wanted to wait and show Pedro and Gordon but decided ‘Nahh!  Don’t test your luck!’  I grabbed it and surfaced, relieved and happy.
It was another moment for the memory bank, quickly filling with great experiences I am having on the Nautilus Explorer in West Coast Mexico.  I love it here!
Captain Kevin

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