Giant manta swooped over us and I looked up to see a whale shark swim past and then … another manta showed up. San Benedicto. Socorro Island.

Perfecto!  First dive of the trip and we were greeted by 2 Giant  Mantas..gracefully swimming above, around and with us for the dive.  Water temp 74, viz great and the dive crew had us all well prepared and we had a great time.   There was a Hammerhead sighting and one man saw what he said the biggest lobster he’s ever seen.  As we surfaced and got back on the boat we divers  were greeted with glasses of water and fresh fruit , cooked to order breakfast with a beautiful array of fresh baked bread and scones.   The Nautilis Explorer is showing us a wonderful time.  When’s the next dive? : )
2dive4 aka: Mary from Sparks, NV How was your last dive for the first day ???? Tell us Well…what can I say about the last dive at the Boiler of our first day of the trip…first Sten called up a big hammerhead shark from the deep that cruised through a swirling school of jacks. After the hammerhead swam away, along the wall, we then continued around the rock and looking up Sten pointed up as a manta sailed over us, doing its graceful ballet. We kicked up the wall and were hovering with the manta swooping and diving around us when I looked up to see a juvenile whale shark cruising through the scene…then another manta showed  up and it was “game on”. I literally did not know here to look…at them swooping mantas, at the cruising whale shark. It was an amazing show. Unfortunately, after not too long I was low on a…maybe I was just a bit excited, but surfaced through the incredible scene around me and continued to watch the show from above as I snorkelled across the surface. It’s great to be back on the Nautilus Explorer at Revillagigedos. Today was all that we come here for and we were not disappointed.
Jim Vandegrift  May 7th, 2011

It is great to be back at the helm on the Nautilus Explorer!  Every day seems to bring adventure and great memories.
Our trip out to Socorro Island was steady with a nice breeze coming in from the Northwest and a smooth long swell .  Didn’t see too much on the way out, a few tankers and cargo ships cruising along, the odd sailboat and a lot of seabirds.  I often wonder how they find their way home after flying out on the open sea!  About 14 miles out of San Benedicto the local dolphins showed their stuff by leaping through the air in front of our bow.  One looked as though he was going to try jump over the ship, I mean he must have been 20 feet in the air!  It was just incredible.  Things got better!  The first dive at the Canyon brought us several beautiful mantas and some scalloped hammerhead sharks swimming stealthly.  Its sometimes hard to top a first dive of the trip like that, especially with good viz and good light, but we did!  We headed over to the other side of the island to the ‘Boiler’ and were a little disappointed with the first dive there.  A strong current, not much happening and a few opted out for the last dive of the day.  Those who who did suit up were rewarded with, as decribed, the best dive of their lives!  They literally backrolled off the inflatables onto a 20 foot whale shark, cruising lazily along.  It didn’t seem to mind, and floated by letting us take pictures and behold such a beautiful creature.  Its only day one folks and I am blown away!  The wind is picking up a bit tonight so we are back at the Canyon and are going to bunker down and get ready for tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see what it brings!
Captain Kevin
We had a really good start of this day diving , just as a very short log, I almost dont want to have a dive day in the start of the trip like this whale shark staying with us just by the surface , hammerhead sharks, and really good encounters with mantas. Now we have to just try to keep it up an other 8 days!;)
Surface conditions , sunny some wind , small waves
Under water from 110 ft to 60 ft , no current to strong on the same day.   water temperature 75 degrees
Dive guide Sten

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