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  • nautilus guests pose on the dive deck

    The crew is first rate!

    Excellent trip! I’ve never seen so many sharks. The divemasters – Tony and Arturo were great – I’m the least experienced diver in this group, and the divemasters made sure I was ok and had great dives.

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  • whale shark swims in the blue

    Blue room Roca Partida

    The last two days in Roca Partida were amazing, many hammerheads, galapagos, silvertips, thousand of jacks creating a big wall in front of us, and in one moment one whale shark appeared.

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  • whale shark swims with a school of fish

    Divemaster Casey’s Trip Recap

    The first of the day presented a unique encounter with the dolphins being cleaned by clarion angelfish, followed by nice love from the mantas all day long.

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  • The biggest female great white shark I ever seen!!

    This girl must be up to 17ft or 18 ft long or that’s what Mauricio Hoyos told me and he ha  a very good eye to measure these puppies!!  Besides this gorgeous big female we had some good size girls around us and a very brave sea lion that was hanging out with four white sharks!! Great trip, a full boat of French guests, very nice guys and they really enjoy their sharks!! Hi to France!! Water Temp: 68 F  around 19 C Visibility 125Ft plus most days sometimes 80 – 100Ft Air temp, some cloudy days where around 28 to 30 C sunny most of the time! Ok Bye for now and again Maggie and Alaska, thanks for your love and understanding Love you!! – Joel IHO

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  • We could not have had a smoother crossing to Guadalupe Island. It was like being in a bathtub except that we were on the giant Nautilus Explorer.

    Here I am on another trip to Guadalupe with great weather. So far we had an awesome crossing and it can’t get better than arriving at about 7:00 pm at our anchorage spot. We could have seen the island for about 3:30 on the horizon and we had all the guest with their cameras taking pictures non-stop of the island. As we got closer we could see the clouds just running down the island as if is was snow just running down perfect sighting. We got some of the cages in the water that night and we had a head start for the following morning so we could get the cages open for 6:30 in the morning. We had guests suiting up and ready to go and have the first sighting of the monsters, so far we had one great white cruising around as if to say ‘hey I am here for my picture to be taken’ and the cameras started to roll. On the submersible cages today we had Lucy, which is one of the female shark that have a broken top tail but trust me she moves just like if nothing was wrong with her tail. We have…

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  • We got to see another California sea lion cruising around the great white sharks. It's a good thing they keep their heads on a swivel.

    We heading back after a great Guadalupe trip with great white sharks. I got to see Lucy she is a big female that have her tail broken she has been like that since that is three years ago.  Captain Mike tells me that she used to be beautiful and perfect and then one day she chewed on the propellers on the Nautilus Explorer and then took another run and chewed on the hull.  She appeared with a broken caudal fin shortly afterwards. She still looks in great shape and healthy, she just stayed around us for two days. We also had Bruce, one of the biggest male great white sharks in Guadalupe. The scientist in Guadalupe had tagged him and he was at 100-350 meters deep when they had a temp and a depth tag so that’s how they tracked him for 24 hours to get some data.  We also got to see a sea lion just cruising around the great whites, everyone got excited and they were worried that the great white would attack the sea lion. One thing I could say is that the sea lion could move and do a 360 degree turn around the great white…

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  • There were great white sharks coming at me from all angles, swarming the cages. I didn't know which way to look!

    I have just completed my fifth trip as Dive master on the Nautilus Explorer and it has been remarkable.   It has given new meaning to the term thrill and adventure, and its only going to get better from here.  Such a wonderful crew, ever so delightfully mixed of Canadians and Mexicans that I feel I could learn so much from.  A beautiful ship, with spectacular authentic Mexican food, with the comfort of more western style meals all blended together. At the end of the day it comes down to…the guests!  The guests have made my job even that much more exciting and fun; laughing and interacting with the entirety of the group, making it hard not to smile all day long.  I am comfortable saying full heartedly; Divers are the greatest people on the planet!  Getting in the cages, and seeing the guest’s eyes light up is more than I could ever asked for around the quaint secluded island of Guadalupe.  With great white sharks circling the cages ever so intriguingly, looking at them humbly eye to eye; never have I felt so alive! -Divemaster Joel Guest quotes Everything has been perfect, from the food, diving, crew and cleanliness, I…

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