There were great white sharks coming at me from all angles, swarming the cages. I didn't know which way to look!

alex tanz 7w
I have just completed my fifth trip as Dive master on the Nautilus Explorer and it has been remarkable.   It has given new meaning to the term thrill and adventure, and its only going to get better from here.  Such a wonderful crew, ever so delightfully mixed of Canadians and Mexicans that I feel I could learn so much from.  A beautiful ship, with spectacular authentic Mexican food, with the comfort of more western style meals all blended together. At the end of the day it comes down to…the guests!  The guests have made my job even that much more exciting and fun; laughing and interacting with the entirety of the group, making it hard not to smile all day long.  I am comfortable saying full heartedly; Divers are the greatest people on the planet!  Getting in the cages, and seeing the guest’s eyes light up is more than I could ever asked for around the quaint secluded island of Guadalupe.  With great white sharks circling the cages ever so intriguingly, looking at them humbly eye to eye; never have I felt so alive!
-Divemaster Joel
Guest quotes
Everything has been perfect, from the food, diving, crew and cleanliness, I couldn’t ask for more!
– Michelle
It’s only day one Diving with the great whites and the trip has already paid for itself!
– Tom
It was almost too much to handle there was so much excitement.  There were Sharks coming at you from all angles, swarming the cages, you just didn’t know which way to look!
– Carol
I have dived with great whites in South Africa and Australia, and Guadalupe blew those trips away.  Not only the sharks but also everything about it; crew, food, visibility, shark interaction, the vessel, you name it.
– John

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