Divemaster Casey’s Trip Recap

What a fantastic trip here on the Belle Amie. From the first day of diving at the Canyon we had some very friendly mantas hanging around the dive site all day. The second day at the Boiler was five star dives all day long.

The first of the day presented a unique encounter with the dolphins being cleaned by clarion angelfish, followed by nice love from the mantas all day long. On the second dive one group saw 3 tiger sharks and we saw individuals on some of the other dives that day. Final dive had mantas, silvertips, Galapagos, and schooling hammerhead sharks. Socorro was quiet diving with mild currents and a good silky snorkel.

Roca Partida was spectacular with at least one whale shark on three of the four dives, two whale sharks on one of the dives. Beautiful schools of fish around the rock, massive tuna, and very big Galapagos sharks made good additions to the close encounters of the gentle giant slowly cruising around the rock.

The last day of diving was wonderful as well, despite the lower visibility we had good manta action. We got to see a very large dusky shark come within twenty feet of the group, followed by a school of juvenile hammerhead sharks.

Hope to see you soon out here in Revillagigedo. Come and live the dream with us. You can also get a discounted Nautilus Lifeline for all of your watersports activities.

– Divemaster Casey

By Nautilus Crew

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