Diving excellence at Roca Partida

The diving was excellent here at Roca Partida. Conditions were excellent and the highlights were schooling hammerheads and a whale shark. We also saw Manta ray, Galapagos, silver tips and white tips. Hospitality, service and safety were outstanding on board.

– Al


This trip has been everything I’ve asked for! Today we saw schools of hammerheads (too many to count), Galapagos sharks, tuna and wahoo…and 3 devil rays. The ship is beyond expectation, as is the crew. The crew had some new staff that they were training, and they did so well taking care of everyone that you would never know it was their first week!

Only thing missing is to see dolphins…and tomorrow I have been promised them at Isla Socorro by several divemasters. Let’s see if they deliver!

– Jeff

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