Mother Nature spoils us here!

Coming home! 兩年前 book Nautilus Belle Amie, 咁難得嘅旅程,當然有期望,幸好,由大至細,Humpback Whale, False Killer Whale, Bottle Nose Dolphin, Tiger shark, White tip silky, Black tip silky, white tip reef shark, Black Manta, Chevron Manta, Mobular, Yellow Fin Tuna, Jack, 等等等等, 都一一順利收貨 船上同潛友,班超級好玩好nice好專業嘅DM同 crew, 超級靚嘅風景,火山島,日出日落星星月亮,各式各樣美味食物,無論何時,你都一定感受到,人生這樣,夫復何求!

Thank you Belle Amie, Thank you mother nature, we are all spoiled kids here! 人生絕對難忘的一個潛水旅程!

– Edmond Chan, Hong Kong

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