We were lying on the bottom sneaking up to a cleaning station like a group of ninja's. 50 hammerhead sharks showed up! Socorro Island. 08 MAY 2011

Today was just a beautiful  morning dive. We were a quite big group all laying close to the. bottom sneaking up to the cleaning stations like a group of ninjas. The group were doing it perfect keeping down it gave fruit to a group of around a 50 hammerhead sharks came up over and over again over us making their silhouettes against the morning sun, at the same time a group of dolphins swam in to us and in between the hammerhead sharks…Hard to know which way to look.
The other dives as well gave hammer head sharks and as well we had a day of  giant mantas .
Good day
Surface conditions windy , sun and cloudy underwater 50-110 ft 15-35 m temp ca 76 F 25C


Perfecto!  First dive of this Socorro trip and we were greeted by 2 Giant  Mantas..gracefully swimming above, around and with us for the dive.  Water temp 74, viz great and the dive crew had us all well prepared and we had a great time.   There was a Hammerhead shark sighting and one man saw what he said the biggest lobster he’s ever seen.  As we surfaced and got back on the boat we divers  were greeted with glasses of water and fresh fruit , cooked to order breakfast with a beautiful array of fresh baked bread and scones.   The Nautilus Explorer is showing us a wonderful time.  When’s the next dive? : )

2dive4 aka: Mary from Sparks, NV 

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