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  • Dancing Mantas, Photo by Howard Hall

    Some Socorro Highlights

    📷 By the amazing Howard Hall We are wrapping up another fantastic trip to this beautiful archipelago. The weather has not been the most cooperative this time but we were able to get in some amazing dives none the less. We started out the trip on the sheltered side of San Benedicto at the Canyon, with some nice shark action and a few nice manta encounters. Even though the wind and waves were quite strong, we were able to make it to Roca Partida for one day of spectacular diving. Massive schools of fish including different species of jacks, tuna, Galapagos…

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  • The Cabo Pierce dolphins get close!

    Another stunning trip at the Belle Amie and with wonderful guests! Loads of marine life! I had my first encounter with Dolphins in Socorro at Cabo Pierce and wow! Just unexplainable how these animals get so close to us and invite you to tickle them! Whale shark, school of scalloped Hammerheads, 2x great Hammerheads, jacks, Dolphins, Tiger Shark!, White tips, black, silver…Galapagos, Mantas all over! My neck feels a little bit sore for too much looking around! Awesome! – Divemaster Keoni P.

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  • Fingers crossed at Roca Partida. Hammerheads… hammerheads. Trying to visualize hammerheads. YES, YES. There they are. 70 hammerhead sharks march by 40 feet away from us, chased by another group of 5 sharks trying to catch up with the main group

    Good morning ROCA PARTIDA!! There is just nothing quite like this small but fancy and visually intriguing rock.  Seeming to be lonely and deserted from the rest of Socorro islands , yet accompanied by a crazy array of birds topside, and the best of the wildest marine life below. Waking up anchored a few hundred yards just west of the island, there she be. Rain or shine (its almost always definitely shine) she is a heavenly site. Eating our breakfast while watching  Roca as the sun arises from behind the rock hitting it just perfectly, as the beams of sunlight…

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  • I could not believe my eyes – there was a giant manta waiting for me under the skiff as I back rolled into the water.

    I am back! The first thing that I checked was the water temp when I got back . So far it is 24 C and that is good for me because I love it when I am able to wear only a shorty. Well, we left from Cabo San Lucas and we were all excited. There were a lot of whale sharks, dolphins, giant manta rays, hammerhead sharks, silkies and silver tips actionsoI knew that it was going to be a good trip.We did our check–out dive and everyone was nice and calm. We headed to the boiler aka the…

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  • Facts about the great white sharks of Guadalupe Island

    There are about 500 shark species in the world. One of the satellite-tagged great white shark at Guadalupe Island traveled 3,800 km (2100 NMi) to Hawaii. Sharks dive up to a depths of 680 m (2230 feet or 370  fathoms) in water with a temperature of 4.8°C  (41°F). At Isla Guadalupe you can find not only great whites but mako (Isurus oxyrhynchus), blue (Prionace glauca), grey smooth-hound (Mustelus californicus), leopard (Triakis semifasciata), tiguer (Isistius brasiliensis), bull (Carcharhinus leucas), whitetip (Carcharhinus longimanus), hammerhead (Sphyrna spp.), whale (Rhincodon typus) and cookiecutter (Isistius brasiliensis) sharks. The more important prays for great white sharks…

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  • Guest blog – Mind blowing. I’ve never seen anything like it. Hundreds of sharks of every description. The best dive of my life!

    Mind blowing, never seen anything like it; hundreds of sharks from white tips, silvertips, silkies to Galapagos and one hammerhead. Then there were the fish, never seen so many, huge schools of criole, huge black jacks, redtail trigger fish, massive shoals of cottonmouth and some kind of mackerel. The best dive of my life!! – Suzi Another amazing trip on board the NAUTILUS EXPLORER! Five days of Socorro diving proved to be very rewarding. The Silky, Galapagos, Silvertips and even the Hammer heads were at the rendez-vous.  What should also be said and repeated is that the whole crew of…

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  • I had two incredible dives in Roca Partida. I know there is so much life, but always I get incredible surprises!

    I had two incredible dives in Roca Partida. Every time I dive here I feel very excited, I know there is so much life, but always I get incredible surprises!! On my dive yesterday, I saw many sharks and different fish everywhere. We had very close encounters with sharks. We saw Galapagos, silkies, and white tips and today we saw an amazing school of hammerhead sharks, manta and tuna. The sun was shining and the temperature in the water was perfect! Great day, great dive and great company!! – Hostess Carmen

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