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  • A beautiful manta flying with its remora. Photo by Divemaster Mirko

    Incredible Diversity in the Revillagigedo Archipelago

    El Canyon was incredible with the diversity including a school of hammerheads, a few juvenile silvertips, a couple of really big Galapagos sharks, some juvenile Dusky sharks, a few chevron mantas and 2 amazing tiger sharks.

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  • A silky shark at night. Photo by Sandra Haessler

    Sharks for Christmas at Socorro

    We descended right down to the cleaning stations and were greeted by a school of juvenile silvertip sharks, 2 chevron mantas, a hammerhead, and lots of cool fish.

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  • Two great whites circle in Guadalupe

    Large Female Great Whites Continue to Arrive at Guadalupe

    There were a lot of sharks both at the surface cages and the submersible cages. Everyone was in awe of the massive females that showed up toward the end of the day.

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  • Whale Shark at Socorro by Howard Hall

    Marine Biologist Miguel Meets his First Manta

    And there it was: a beautiful animal, a majestic MANTA, the first one in my life. My heart started beating fast, my breath was taken away, my eyes and mind hypnotized. The best experience of my life, I finally saw my dream in front of me, a moment I have taught about a thousand times, and it came true, I was not dreaming.

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  • Tiger shark drifts at roca partida

    Checked out by a Tiger Shark!

    Roca Partida: Day 2 Nautilus Under the Sea and its crew were fantastic at accommodating our party of rEvo closed-circuit rebreathers (they were able to provide complete rental tanks and absorbent, too!). The staff has experience with rebreathers, and knowing the advantage of silent diving, offered to drop us in as the first divers of the morning. We hit the water, and very shortly after had a large, beautifully marked, female tiger shark check us out, and follow us down to about 90 feet. She circled around once before drifting off into the depths. We continued on our dives and saw three hammerheads, multiple mature silvertip sharks, at least one Galapagos, Silky, and the hard-to-identify Dusky shark, huge schooling yellowfin tuna, numerous wahoo, and countless giant manta rays, both in black and chevron colorations. The crew was also gracious enough to take the guests out on a zodiac ride to watch the sun set over the island before a delicious steak dinner and cocktail hour. – Kim and Mark, Honolulu HI Photo by Kimberly Jeffries  

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  • If you can tear your eyes away from the big fish, you’ll find a vertical wall extending straight down for 200 feet with caves filled with resting white tip reef sharks lined up like sardines

    Roca Partida as we know it from the surface is a guano covered rock extending about 100 feet into the air and about 200 feet in length, poking up out of the pacific ocean 60 nautical miles from the nearest island of Socorro. In the bigger picture it is the very tip, the last second of a 11,000 foot underwater volcanic mountain. Our great luck that in its formation it managed to break the surface of the ocean, providing us with one of the best big animal dive sites anywhere in the world. We’ve just finished a day of diving here, starting at 0700 and finishing the day just as the sun was setting over the horizon, completing 4 great dives. With a water temp of 26-27C, and visibility around 100 feet, conditions were perfect to enjoy the amazing diversity of pelagic animals that live and feed here. In four dives today we enjoyed at least two giant pacific mantas on multiple dives, schooling hammerheads, galapagos, silky, silver-tip and white-tip sharks, huge yellow-fin tuna hunting the schools of creole fish, schooling cotton mouth jacks, trevally and black jacks, prowling wahoo, and the highlight an adult whale shark circling the rock…

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  • Captain's Log – Turtle erotica… I watched through the wheelhouse windows as 2 green turtles locked in a steamy embrace. Or maybe they were just cuddling.

    We’ve just left Roca Partida and are on our way back in Cabo San Lucas to disembark and prepare for our next trip back to the Socorro Islands. The highlight of this trip was definitely the diving at Roca Partida. Our one day at Socorro Island was a little disappointing as far as big animals and dive conditions, however one cool thing we noted was that’s it’s now turtle mating season. On two different occasions yesterday I watched through the bridge windows two green turtles locked in a steamy embrace. Maybe “steamy” is being a little generous. Watching turtles mate is a little, pun intended, anticlimactic. The male basically climbs on top of the female and for all intents appears to just lay on top of her, while they float around on the surface, for an extended period of time. I watched both couples yesterday for about an hour without any sign of, well, anything other than the fact that they were locked in embrace. As I said, anticlimactic, for me at least. Maybe they were just cuddling? Another male green turtle took a shining to one of our guests as well yesterday while she was snorkeling at Cabo Pearce.…

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