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  • diver films dolphins with GoPro

    This is the trip of dolphins.

    We started off jumping close to the wall. While swimming towards the receiver, several whitetips crossed our way. Suddenly, a hammerhead appeared in the blue and disappeared as fast as he came. When swimming to the inner side of the lava finger, several whitetips were circling between the rocks, curious to find out what these black things were, making these strange bubbles. Almost as the hammerhead, a big manta, followed by blind passengers below him, showed up swimming gently above us and disappeared again in the blue.

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  • Greeted by Manta Rays

    Greetings from Mobula Rays and Giant Black Manta

    Today was an epic day of diving. The kind that makes your heart smile. On our first dive, we were greeted immediately with mobula rays, and then a beautiful giant black manta that serenaded us the majority of the dive. Amidst the activity some friendly dolphins also checked us out. It was truly breathtaking.

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  • diver watches a passing giant manta ray

    Manta circle safety stop

    From a school of 100 Hammerheads on the first day, to the two Mantas who circled us repeatedly for 15 minutes on a safety stop until we had to surface to the whitetips and silvertip sharks – it’s all worth dragging that 7mm wetsuit on.

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  • giant oceanic manta and bottlenose dolphin drifting beside one another

    Sighting scalloped hammerhead sharks

    Our first dive day kicked off with great conditions – calm seas above and excellent visibility below. A mild current over the volcanic rock ridge brought early sightings of large scalloped hammerhead sharks and a couple curious manta rays…

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  • Julia's astonishing dive

    How was my dive? I have no words for this…(after diving with dolphins, 5 mantas and whale shark in 1 single dive.) – Julia from Switzerland

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  • Our punctual visit from the dolphins

    This trip started like many other dives. On our first dive as always our dear Dolphins showed up, punctual as usual. Me and one of my divers, had trouble going down, so it took a little longer. But it is all about the timing. And as we were going down on the last encounter, we see a family of three less than a meter away from us. A baby Dolphin was getting a lesson from Mama on how to socialize with us. During our second dive as we were going in the first thing we saw was a Whale Shark.…

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  • Guest Alain's Brief Report

    Laissons venir a nous les petits enfants de la balle… Some good dives with hammerhead and manta, also many sting rays and whitetips. – Alain Sigrist Geneva, Switzerland

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