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  • False killer whales spotted at Roca Partida

    We of course had fantastic dives with plenty of sharks , including large Galapagos, Silvertips and Scalloped Hammerheads as well as several Manta sightings throughout the day. There were also the giant “bait balls” of Bonito Tuna and huge schools of various sized Yellowfin Tuna aswell. Pretty good going to be fair.
    However when you couple this with the several Humpback whales in the area breaching and playing around all day it gets a bit more special. We could even hear the Humpbacks singing on a couple of the dives it was absolutely beautiful.

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  • Greeted by Manta Rays

    Greetings from Mobula Rays and Giant Black Manta

    Today was an epic day of diving. The kind that makes your heart smile. On our first dive, we were greeted immediately with mobula rays, and then a beautiful giant black manta that serenaded us the majority of the dive. Amidst the activity some friendly dolphins also checked us out. It was truly breathtaking.

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  • Tropical Fish in the Sea of Cortez

    Magnificent Mobulas and More at Isla Tortuga

    What really made the dives special was the Mobula rays. On every dive we did here (5 total), we saw Mobula and I don’t mean one or two. I mean many, and the action was constant for the whole of our dives sometimes.

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  • diver floats and plays with regulator bubbles

    Best ever diving on the Nautilus UnderSea

    On almost every dive, we encountered friendly giants mantas, massive tunas, and on 3 dives, the biggest fish of the ocean: a whale shark. Some of us were lucky enough to witness the few hours before birth of a baby dolphin, a couple of divers got the privilege to see the healthy baby 4 days later.

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  • roca partida as seen through two lovely glasses of wine!

    False killer whales head-butting

    But as they approached the boat we realized they were not actually the bottlenoses we’d seen a lot. We then realized they were false killer whales! I was incredibly exciting when 15-20 of them decided to stick around. We even saw two of them head-butting!

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  • three dolphins looking relaxed, with the rest of the pod in the background

    What makes Revillagigedo so special

    As we headed back to the rock, we were greeted by an amazing manta show. This was the kind of show that makes Revillagigedo so special, with mantas passing over the head of everyone, bathing in bubbles, waving with their cephalic fins and looking deep in our eyes.

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  • Highlight of the dive day was snorkelling with a pod of pilot whales (false killer whales) of San Benedicto Island. 11 May 2011

    So we started up with high expectations at Socorro and getting out on the lava flow in search of this big group of hammerhead sharks that we have seen here and the very very good encounters of the giant mantas that we have had this year. And we dove and we dove and dove and , well one shark there a couple of nice passes with single hammerheads. At one time we sat us down on a ledge at a 100ft and started to shark whisper.. First groups jack fish where coming from above , then some grunts and Mexican…

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