Moving with the Sea Animals – A Fascinating Experience

Do you get hot under the collar when nothing goes as per the plan? Most of us do. But what if you want to do something like having your breakfast and suddenly seals, fin whales, false killer whales, and sea lions pop up all around your boat and keep on trying to interact with you? And what if you had to decide whether to watch whales breaching or see a bunch of false killer whales swimming slowly past you? Your breakfast might get cold but you would rather have this scenario around you than anything else in the world.

This is the decision that we onboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady had to take and it is not rocket science as to what we preferred. It seemed there were hundreds of these sea animals, all swimming gracefully in their chosen space while we admired the amazing world of nature. We wish every day something like this upsets our schedule. We would simply love it!

Surrounded by False Killer Whales – A Memorable Day in Our Lives

On the second day aboard the Gallant Lady, we started our dives quite early and soon came across a pod of false orcas leisurely making their way up the coast. As we hit the water, we instantly heard them all around us. I took off in the direction of the most noise and suddenly came across a mother and her calf. They were not going very fast so I was (to my surprise) able to keep up with them.

A few moments later, I heard a noise to my left and had barely turned my neck in that direction when 5-6 porpoises were almost upon me. I now had false killer whales on my left, my right, and below me and we were all swimming together! I was able to swim with them for quite some time but had to slow down as I realized I was moving a bit far away from the boat. The false killer whales though did not seem to mind me tagging along with them and maybe liked it as much as I was enjoying myself.

But the day for us had not ended yet and we were about to receive bountiful blessings from Mother Nature. Later in the day, we were within handshaking distance of Humpbacks and mobulas, and my family got to swim with hundreds of dolphins. It was an overwhelming experience for all of us, a vivid moment that will be etched in our memories forever.

Incredible Hospitality Onboard the Gallant Lady

It does not take much to destroy an awesome trip to some exotic location like ours. Just bad crew and support staff will do. But fortunately for us, the crew and the staff, and the divers were simply exceptional. We were in very good hands, the service and the food on the boat were comparable to any fine dining experience on shore. Whether we were diving or snorkeling, we always had the comfort that professional experts were beside us and guiding us toward locations where we could make eye contact with these sea animals.

The water was warm, clear, and just so much fun to explore. If you are reading this and considering booking with Nautilus, DOOOOO IT!!!!!

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