Diving and Snorkeling at San Francisquito and LA Reina

It has been an amazing experience on board the Nautilus from the word go as we set off for a journey into the unknown with false killer whales, sea lions, and more. From the beginning, the crew was very welcoming and seemed genuinely excited to have us on board. They gave us the option to be on the RHIB all day or take breaks and stay on the main boat. When on the main boat, Captain Yann would announce when there were dolphins or other animals around us so we could see them.

Swimming with False Killer Whales

Swimming with false killer whales has been my dream come true, especially when they are friendly and want to interact with you at close quarters. During the snorkels I got to swim with false killer whales that had a baby with them, they kept turning on their sides to look at me. Hands down it has been the most magical experience of my life.

Juan David our guide has a sixth sense for finding pods and spots to jump in and swim with the animals. He provided plenty of opportunities to be up close to these incredible sea animals. The icing on the cake for me was the great dive at San Francisquito with the sea lions.

La Reina was no less exciting where on our dives we saw tons of sea life and an old wreck; there were hundreds of fish, puffer fish, starfish, eels, sea urchins, and more. We got to swim with mobulas, dolphins, and sea lions several times during the trip. There were a few fin whales and humpback whales that swam past us, making for an incredible experience that will be etched in our memories for a long long time.

But what struck me the most was that the crew respected the space that the animals were in and did not want to stress them out by jumping into the water after them. The only exception was the very friendly dolphins that gave us a marvelous exhibition of acrobatics in the wake of the boat while we were sailing. A wonderful experience with a great crew and vessel. This is a perfect trip for a snorkeling family or an intimate group of 12.

Amazing Hospitality Onboard the Nautilus

We might have encountered some awesome sea animals while snorkeling or diving but the fun would not have been there but for the great hospitality offered to us. 

Silvia was amazing, making sure we had everything we needed, always full of happy energy that passed onto the rest of us. We always came back to clean and tidy rooms. I am not convinced that Julio is not a Michelin-star chef in disguise, everything he made for us can be compared to any fine dining experience on land!

Armando kept the boat sailing smoothly without any mechanical issues and the first mate Mirko would excitedly wake us up at night to see animals attracted by the boat light. The rooms were cozy and the beds super comfortable, exactly what we needed after an action-packed day diving with the mobulas and the sea lions.

Thanks to the crew, I am convinced that when I go on vacation in the future, this is the way to go!

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