Sighting Fascinating Sea Life – A Dive Master’s First-Hand Experience

During the sailing from La Ventana up to Bahia de Los Angeles we were looking for any animals we could find on our way! The spotter plane just flew on top of us. They did a few circles around the Belle Amie, and we felt sure that we were in the right place!

Magical Encounter with Whale Groups

The background of Baja is so beautiful. In the distance, the first mate spots something, some spout far away. We get closer!! Dolphins?? Maybe. We get closer. They are bigger, the head is dark, and sometimes they show a big tail. False killer whaleeee I scream!! We get closer, and they start to swim through us!! Pilot whaleeeee!!! They are Pilot whaleeee!! OMG!! It’s the first time I seen Pilot whale in the Sea of Cortez!

We get the skiff ready and board all the guests, everybody is excited as we have waited all day for this magical encounter! Was super cool though, watching the whales from the skiff! I think they were 2 families, two groups with at least 20 whales per family! They look like they don’t care about the skiff and they get closer, swimming around us. We spent at least 3 hours with them, they were very calm and swam very slowly.

Was just the second day… tomorrow we will arrive at Bahia De Los Angeles for the Whale Shark!! The trip starts on fire!! Can’t wait for the next few days!!

False Killer Whales for Company

Something amazing happened this week. Something extraordinary. Not that the mantas and dolphins are ordinary here, but they are the friendliest most-encountered species in Revillagigedo.

So, we were doing our safety stop at the Canon and had a great dive with hammerheads and mantas, when out of the blue appeared 2 false killer whales, then 3, then 10! We counted about 20 in the pod. They were followed by a few silvertip and silky sharks. Upon surfacing we spotted a lot of birds and the rest of the pod hunting in the distance on a bait ball.

These kinds of surprises make a wonderful diving week, an even more special one.

By Nautilus Crew

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