The Opposite of What I Thought I Would Have Ever Done

I was not expecting to go on this trip. I first got the email when I was in school halfway through the year. I later found out my sister was already planning to go. It took months of convincing to get my parents to allow me to go. After I finally got my spot confirmed I waited anxiously in class every day waiting to go on this trip and watching videos. The many months of waiting were definitely worth it. The staff is amazing here and all the dive masters exceed any expectations. The food is amazing and after only three days the dive masters feel like they are family. Every evening there is always the time when we just chill out for a few hours until we become too tired. The worst part is always waking up and having to put on your wet suit but the moment you land in the water all the stress of getting ready in time is gone. Giant mantas swim right up next to you and there is no other experience like it. You realize you do not have to worry about sharks and surprisingly within a few hours you find yourself swimming toward a tiger shark which is weirdly the opposite of what I thought I would have ever done. I definitely recommend you do this trip at least once in your life as nothing can compare to it from the dives and my time on the boat.

  • Henry Williams, onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

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