We Will Always Remember It as the Best Underwater Moment of Our Lives

Today we took four dives on the site Boiler in San Benedicto. It was hard to wake up this morning after having dove four dives yesterday, but it was beyond worth it. On our first dive of the day, we saw a pod of dolphins, several mantas, and sharks. It was the best dive ever due to the playful mantas and dolphins weaving in and out between all of us. Neither of us has ever had an experience like this and we will always remember it as the best underwater moment of our lives. Also, the crew is so helpful and caring- they make us their top priority, and this trip would not be the same without them. Even though we are only halfway through, they already feel like family, especially Mario, uncle Sebas, and abuelo Martin. They truly make sure that the Nautilus will always hold a special place in our hearts because of the diving and the people we meet.

  • Hannah Donahue and Charlotte Holtby onboard the Nautilus UnderSea

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