Words Cannot Describe the Beauty of the Moment

Wowza! The best diving in the world. Let me summarize our favorite dive. Got in the skiff with the help of the amazing dive staff and got out to the dive site, The Boiler. Seas were rough, but our skiff captain was very skilled. On the count of 3, we back rolled into the ocean and began our descent. After we reached a depth of 60 feet in the beautiful blue with great viz and nice warm water, we were greeted by a giant manta. Very friendly and majestic. We decided to hang out in the area and wait for another greeting from the manta. Within a few minutes, the manta reappeared and played with us. Then, came in another manta! Then came 2 more mantas! They were swimming with us and enjoying our bubbles. The interaction between manta and human was a very humbling experience.

As soon as you thought this was the best dive of your life, the dolphins joined in! A pod of 10 to 12 dolphins joined our party. five or six mantas and 10 to 12 dolphins with 15 divers. Words cannot describe the beauty of the moment. I was so grateful to Mother Nature.

The climax came when I was being entertained by a beautiful manta very close to me. I was memorized by the beauty. Suddenly, I looked down and between my legs were three large dolphins between my legs! Unbelievable! Mantas to the left of me, dolphins to the right and stuck in the middle with pure gratitude.

Thank you, Nautilus, for the experience of a lifetime.

  • Dennise and Jay onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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