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  • A playful sea lion with beautiful eyes at Cedros Island

    Guadalupe-Socorro Combo Trip Kicks off the Socorro Season

    We had Great Whites in Guadalupe, lots of California Sea Lions on the way down south, now Giant Mantas and Silky sharks and dolphins…all in one trip, and the best still lays ahead.

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  • Great white Mickey at Guadalupe

    Sharks Put on an Acrobatic Show at Guadalupe

    We had up to six sharks in our frame of view at times, up and down, very close. Divers couldn’t decide where to point their cameras!

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  • Two great whites at Guadalupe, Photo by Robin Brown

    This Guadalupe Season is on Fire

    This season is definitely on fire: we had non stop action for all three days of diving.

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  • giant manta ray with train of jacks

    Magical manta encounter

    Five minutes into the dive, passing through in the Blue, three massive hammerhead sharks! Another one in the sandy bottom at 25mts, two Manta rays, two big Galapagos sharks, and two Silver tip sharks.

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  • diver gets a great photo angle of manta ray

    1st Dive Day, Fantastic!

    Check out dive – nice and smooth at red rocks, 2 to 4 fantastic mantas came to visit us, then turtles, lots of fish, lobsters, and rays. And then…the most amazing sound…Humpback Whales singing!

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  • Felipe & Crew Save Turtles

    Yesterday at the last dive of the trip our sister boat Explorer warned us as they left the Boiler on their way to Cabo. They had just passed by a bunch of debris with possibly a turtle entangled and asked us if we could help it. I left with one of the tenders to check and it wasn’t just one, but two Green Turtles entangled into what looked like some illegal fishing buoy and lines! First one was lightly entangled and it didn’t take more than a minute to set it free. The second one took me about 30 minutes to set it free. There was at least 5 loops of entanglement on it’s front fin and it was severely hurt with the line about 1 inch deep. The turtle struggled a little bit at first, but it then let me help. After I untangled him, it calmly went down to the deep! As I return to the dive site, I was told that our friends already picked up the divers back to the boat and that they were prized with a Whale Shark about 10m long, on their last dive of the trip!! And to finish our expedition, on…

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  • Great whites, plus bonus marine life

    Have had an amazing trip and will be sorry to be going home. It has been so much more than I had hoped – incredible shark sightings, great food, incredible crew. I had dreamed of doing this over a decade and absolutely no regrets, worth every penny. Truly unforgettable vacation. – Diana, Victoria, Canada We had a spectacular time on our trip to Guadalupe Island on the Belle Amie. The setup was perfect for experiencing diving with great white sharks. We saw so many excellent varieties as well as the bonus sea lions, turtle, and swarms of fish. However, what really made the trip stand out was the knowledgeable, helpful, entertaining, and genuine crew! The food, accommodations, and equipment was all above expectations too. Really we could not have asked for a better experience. THANK YOU! – Steve Had a fantastic time on this trip. over our three drays we saw no less than 3 sharks on any one dive (15 total dives!). sharks came very close to the cage without being aggressive, and we got to see other marine life, as well (turtles, seals, sea lions,etc.). Staff was phenomenal. Jorge and Silvia ensure that you receive top notch service.…

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