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  • The Revillagigedo Council's Implementation

    Nautilus and the Revillagigedo Council for Conservation

    We are pleased and proud to report that Nautilus Liveaboards participated in the installation of the new Revillagigedo Council in Mexico City.

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  • Giant Manta Identification, Photo by Miguel Ortiz

    Giant Manta Identification in the Revillagigedo Archipelago

    I worked with giant manta identification to differentiate each individual, and thus evaluate their population. This helps to obtain important information including how many individuals are in the biosphere reserve, how many mantas are present every season and if there are new mantas every season. It also includes which islands attract more mantas, how many females and males are there, and how the mantas move between the islands.

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  • Felipe & Crew Save Turtles

    Yesterday at the last dive of the trip our sister boat Explorer warned us as they left the Boiler on their way to Cabo. They had just passed by a bunch of debris with possibly a turtle entangled and asked us if we could help it. I left with one of the tenders to check and it wasn’t just one, but two Green Turtles entangled into what looked like some illegal fishing buoy and lines! First one was lightly entangled and it didn’t take more than a minute to set it free. The second one took me about 30 minutes to set it free. There was at least 5 loops of entanglement on it’s front fin and it was severely hurt with the line about 1 inch deep. The turtle struggled a little bit at first, but it then let me help. After I untangled him, it calmly went down to the deep! As I return to the dive site, I was told that our friends already picked up the divers back to the boat and that they were prized with a Whale Shark about 10m long, on their last dive of the trip!! And to finish our expedition, on…

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  • A navy frigate came by to check out what we were doing at Socorro Island. This is proof positive of the great job the Navy is doing patrolling the biosphere reserve

    Wonderful trip. I’ve heard about the nice fish life in the Socorro area, but this exceeded my expectations. First day at the Boiler, we were greeted by giant mantas. They circled us multiple times until we had to start back to the boat. There was also lobster, octopus, and smaller fish too. Roca Partida – we had good conditions for some wonderful dives. Lots of sharks (and some smaller fish too). Then a whale shark came by on one of the dives and swam by more than once. Oh, what a treat! And the mantas came and played with us. On our last dive, the mantas stayed around the whole time making sure that every person got a nice close look. Water temps were 75-79F the whole week. Awesome time. Oh, and the crew and food are great, too. Nice boat. –Marty & Laurie   This was my 6th trip to the Socorro Islands and each trip seems to get better and better: many, many sharks & mantas,  dolphins, a whaleshark and healthy schools of fish.  While at Roca Partido, the Navy frigate came by to check out what we were doing..…. A very positive sign that the Mexican government…

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  • scuba diver cutting net from whale

    Whale Rescue off Cabo San Lucas. Hats off to our Friend Oscar Ortiz. Check Out the "Cabovillas" Link. 14 FEB 2011

    We received this link recently, and thought we’d share it with everyone: Entangled Whale Rescued in Los Cabos – Cabo Blog Click on the link to see footage of divers rescuing a humpback whale. The Cabo Expeditions team along with the Mexican Navy were contacted to free the whale from the netting. Learn more about Cabo Expeditions here: www.caboexpeditions.com.mx/ Enjoy!

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  • Scientific study and 23 giant mantas identified

    Location: Socorro Island, Revillagigedo Archipelago, Mexico We had a very interesting trip with 5 scientists onboard the Nautilus Explorer for our trip to Socorro Island.   Guy Stevens from Maldives. Tim Clark from Hawaii and Bob Rubin  and Karey Kumli from the United States.  All with a a lot of knowledge of giant mantas from different corners around the world. Bob and Karey have been studying manta rays since early 1990s and  have registered 190 giant pacific mantas around Socorro Island and are setting up a statistic of sightings.  Captain Mike, his partners and the crew are all  passionate about science and conservation at Socorro and Guadalupe  Islands and support this kind of scientific trip. On this expedition their focus was to tag giant mantas and set out receivers in San Benedicto and Socorro Island and Roca Partida. We placed 5 receivers and tagged 8 manta rays. For a year these receivers will gather data each time that the manta are passing the receivers to see how they are moving. What would be very interesting is to also set out receivers in Top of Cabo San Lucas then Cerralvo in Sea of Cortez and think about even putting them out on Rocas…

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  • Giant Manta Interaction with Divers at Socorro/Revillagigedo Islands

    So, over 200 identified Socorro mantas now with lots of resightings and many thanks to everybody who sent manta images and video in to Bob and Karey over the summer. Karey made one especially interesting comment to me that she was able to positively identify several animals a day or two apart at different islands from images taken by our guests. One wonders if the mantas preceded the Nautilus Explorer or followed us??

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