This Guadalupe Season is on Fire

Hello divers, it’s divemaster Felipe back at Guadalupe Island, inviting you all to join us on this season! My group of fellow crew members just came back on duty and this trip started with mellow seas. It was such a pleasure to sail out of the beautiful port of Ensenada and have plenty of time to meet all these lovely guests we have onboard!

Our first day of dive was overloaded with sharks. Seriously, it got to the point once where we had give take breaks wrangling because we couldn’t avoid losing tuna when we had six or more sharks around our boat. Divers were delighted and photographers were shooting their cameras like machine guns. We managed to ID “Joker,” and “Andy.”

The second day made everybody spoiled because the action kept going and we had “Kenric” (my favorite shark) and “Rhett” patrolling our vessel almost the entire day.

The third day started earlier and guests were waiting at 6:30 am for breaches on the back deck with their cameras. Even though we had less sharks than the previous two days, I think the third day had the best moments. Sharks were literally flying out of the water for the tuna! Now we are headed back to Ensenada, bringing some happy faces and even tears of joy from our fellow guests on the Nautilus Belle Amie!

–DM Felipe, the Nautilus Bell Amie

Hello, hello, what an amazing trip! This season is definitely on fire: we had non stop action for all three days of diving. It is nice to see some of our old shark friends back, we were able to ID “Andy,” “Kenric,” “Joker,” “Rhett” and “Ropey.” We also got to see many other juvenile sharks that we still have to identify, hopefully we have some new ones.

Other than sharks we also got to see a sea turtle and and a sea lion that came really close to the cages. All of this with visibility of 24 to 30 metres (80 to 100 ft) and water temperatures of 19˚C to 20˚C (66˚F – 68˚F). I can’t wait to come back next week to see what happens!

–DM Thiago, the Nautilus Belle Amie


📷 By Robin Brown

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