Guadalupe Island: The Best Great White Shark Diving on the Planet

Great White Shark encounters at Guadalupe Island are nothing short of spectacular. It’s simply the best destination in the world for calm, clear water and a consistently high probability of multiple shark encounters per day. The sheer number of sharks in the bay that we dive in is amazing. On many dives, we see two or three great whites, although in July and August we have seen up to 12 sharks on one dive! Guadalupe is home to at least 238 individually identified animals and we are still counting.

“The SHARKS! WOW! After a few slow hours in the morning the first two days, the remaining dive time was non-stop action with sometimes as many as 4 sharks circling the cages and appearing from the blue from all angles. This trip is both an adrenaline rush and an experience of extreme beauty and awe.”

–Robert K., August 2017

Even though the voyage is relatively short, Guadalupe Island feels like you are at the edge of the earth, getting to experience something that very few people do. The coast of Guadalupe is 25 miles of rocky cliffs, but above this is dense forest, giving it the feel of an exotic, South Pacific destination. The world might see sharks as man-eating predators, but we feel very lucky to get to descend into the world of the Great White and meet them as they truly are.

What makes Guadalupe Island the best place on the planet to see Great White Sharks is not just the sheer number of animals but also the viewing conditions. While visibility does occasionally deteriorate, we usually enjoy 100–125 foot visibility. Sometimes 150 feet. The sea conditions in the bay are almost always calm and protected from swell. Water temperatures are temperate, and the surface weather is beautiful, and very similar to San Diego and southern California.

Wildlife Calendar

July and August features rowdy gangs of male sharks. Female great whites start showing up in October and November.

Water Temperatures & Visibility

Surface weather is similar to southern California climate. Very warm during the day, and chilly at night.

Where is Guadalupe?

Guadalupe Island is a remote island off the Pacific coasts of Baja California, Mexico. We depart from Ensenada.

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Guadalupe Photo & Video Gallery

Check out our Guadalupe galleries for more photos, and videos, and our blog for the stories!

Another great trip aboard the Nautilus Explorer. My previous experience on the Explorer was 2003 in Alaska, and this trip was exactly what I expected coming on board again, great trip.

Nov 2017

All of the crew were fantastic, particularly the captain, but each and every one of the staff was really terrific (the dive masters, the cook, the wait staff, and anyone else I may have left off). Everyone made such a concerted effort to get the sharks to come around, and seemed just as excited as the guest to see them!

Oct 2017

From the moment we stepped onto the ship, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. From the boat, to our room, to the crew, the food, and the diving, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We were spoiled from the solicitous crew to 3 days of extraordinary diving. Every day was better than the last and more than a perfect 10! I couldn’t have asked for a better or more memorable trip. Thank you to each and everyone of the wonderful crew!!!!

Oct 2017

The entire crew was amazing! It was so impressive to watch each member of the crew fill so many different roles to make the experience fantastic. The knowledge, friendliness and overall experience the crew provides makes this trip top notch. Thank you to everyone who makes this type of trip possible.

Oct 2017

Food was fantastic! Sleeping quarters very comfortable, they thought of everything in the dive area–hot showers, baby shampoo for defog, Listerine dips for regulators and plenty of shelving for our photography equipment. Don’t know the chefs’ names but they are excellent. Really great trip and all very comfortable and professional.

Oct 2017

Sample Itinerary

marinas of ensenada lit up at night
Day 1

San Diego option:
Meet at Best Western Palms Hospitality Suite and enjoy complimentary transfer to board the ship docked in Ensenada.

Tijuana option:
Fly into Tijuana airport. We offer complimentary pickups for transfer to the ship in Ensenada.


  • Evening departure from Ensenada
nautilus belle amie aerial photo
Day 2

Dinner time arrival at Guadalupe Island, with a nice relaxing evening at anchor.


  • Safety Briefing
  • Diver Orientation
  • Shark 101
  • Cocktail hour at beautiful and peaceful anchorage
diver and great white shark watch each other separated by cage
Day 3

Cages open at 6:30 am. First submersible dive at 8:00. Dive until dusk!


  • Our famous Mexico taco fiesta on the upper deck
  • Shark ID
great white shark swims towards camera as three divers observe
Day 4

Another full day of diving starting at 6:30 AM.Submersible diving starts at 8:30 AM. Dive until dusk!


  • Shark Behavior
  • Shark ID
  • Theatre under the Stars
large great white shark re-enters the water after breaching
Day 5

Cages open at 6:30 AM. Submersible diving starts at 7:30 AM. Cages close at 5:00 PM.


  • Shark ID
  • Cocktails with friends
golden crepuscular rays shining down on the socorro islands
Day 6

At sea, arriving in Ensenada approx. 2:00 PM. Coach transfers to Tijuana Airport, San Diego Airport, or Best Western Island Palms Resort.


  • Trip Slide Show
  • Our coach should arrive TIJ by 4:00 PM or San Diego by 7:00 PM if there are no customs or weather delays