Magical manta encounter

Today at Socorro Island we were diving at Cabo Pierce. On our first dive, as soon as we got in to the water two dolphins come to say hi. They just passed by us very close. Then a few feet deeper, we encountered 2 big chevron mantas.

On our second dive we had just the same. This time there were 3 dolphins – 2 adults and one baby. They checked us out briefly and took off to the surface. 15 minutes after, the same 2 chevron mantas passed by as well. Divers were excited and happy by the time we finished the second dive.

But on our third dive, we didn’t see the dolphins. About 10 minutes after we started the dive, the chevron mantas started going in circles around us, over and over for like 30 minutes. They were very playfully looking for bubbles. 2 of the group got to experience the magical encounter, everybody was very, very happy and got to have the perfect shot.

Temp: 23C
Dive time 45-50 min.
Visibility 25m

– Divemaster Ana Marina

Today we had a good start here in San Benedicto.
Two dives in Las Cuevitas with turtles, rays, and a chevron manta, and it got better on our last two dives at The Canyon. Five minutes into the dive, passing through in the Blue, three massive hammerhead sharks! Another one in the sandy bottom at 25mts, two Manta rays, two big Galapagos sharks, and two Silver tip sharks. Nice kickstart with our fun guests from China. Xie xie.

– Divemaster Ari

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