Our punctual visit from the dolphins

This trip started like many other dives. On our first dive as always our dear Dolphins showed up, punctual as usual. Me and one of my divers, had trouble going down, so it took a little longer. But it is all about the timing. And as we were going down on the last encounter, we see a family of three less than a meter away from us. A baby Dolphin was getting a lesson from Mama on how to socialize with us. During our second dive as we were going in the first thing we saw was a Whale Shark. Then we were entertained by more Dolphins for many minutes, followed by 6 different Mantas. And just when we thought we were done a stunning Tiger Shark moved slowly right below us. Later during our safety stop a 2 meter Mobula swam right next to us. Definitely this was too much to process. This certainly was one epic dive for me!
– Divemaster Esteban

By Nautilus Staff

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