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  • Unreal bonito bait balls

    Bait balls are starting to come out in Roca Partida and today’s was just unreal, over millions of Bonitos (skip jack) streaming like a river right when we come out from the skiff and later the massive sphere took shape and sharks were gliding through it like jet planes on attack! Wild and real nature is what to expect when diving in Roca, always full of highlights for our expeditions! – Divemaster Felipe

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  • Roca Partida, from the surface

    Volkswagen Beetle Sized Tuna?

    Wonderful, supportive, extremely professional crew aboard, across all disciplines from captain to chef. Exceptional food, snacks, and cookies. Roca Partida is amazing. Every dive is filled with swarms of fish, various sharks, mantas, joy, and smiles. Diving here four times a day does not get boring. Looking at the majestic rock from both above and below water is stunning. The trip is a marvelous experience! – Norbert, Germany Roca is pulling through. Day seven of the trip was spent swimming with some of the gentle giants of Socorro. Like yesterday, we were greeted with dancing mantas within 5 minutes of…

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  • Scuba diving rocked at Roca Partida, Socorro

    Location: Roca Partida, Socorro Island, Revillagigedos, Mexico We started of with going out visiting a big group of hammerhead sharks a bit outside of the rock. In several moments we were in the middle of the sharks looking in all directions; seing this beautiful graceful hammerhead in the middle of the blue just floating around with slow lingering movements in a 120 ft viz is just so beautiful. We moved slowly and got close to them we started some of our shark whispering and we started to get big galapagos sharks circling under us. Some of them  were up to…

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  • Singing humpback whales, giant mantas and a whale shark!

    Location: Roca Partida, Socorro Island, Mexico We had two days at Roca partida with beautiful conditions. First day was so calm so we even let out the kajaks and some patient guest got to se them under water.  The current was weak so we could move out away a bit from the rock in the school of bait fish and we had regular sightings of hammerhead sharks and galapagos and silver tip sharks. We hid among the big school of hundreds and hundreds of black jacks and got pretty close to the shy hammerhead sharks. A good working trick. Probably we…

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