Scuba diving rocked at Roca Partida, Socorro

Location: Roca Partida, Socorro Island, Revillagigedos, Mexico
We started of with going out visiting a big group of hammerhead sharks a bit outside of the rock. In several moments we were in the middle of the sharks looking in all directions; seing this beautiful graceful hammerhead in the middle of the blue just floating around with slow lingering movements in a 120 ft viz is just so beautiful. We moved slowly and got close to them we started some of our shark whispering and we started to get big galapagos sharks circling under us. Some of them  were up to a size of 3 metres , big pregnant female sharks. They are not afraid and get close to us to inspect the sounds that we create calling them in. The faster a bit more nervous silvertip sharks also moves in to get a closer look. At several times we were surrounded by all the sharks at athe same time, while a huge school of bonitos moves in and huge yellow fin tunas run in like live torpedos chasing creolfish and we can hear the thunder of ten tousands of bait fish running away in panic. In the middle of this two giant pacific mantas turn up and start to play with us, making their dance. we had several manta rays our first day.
Back to the south part of the rock we meet up with a group of dolphins. Some divers meet up with a mother humpback whale and calf. And catch them on photo as well. The whale song is so strong that you feel it vibrating in your chest, even when you are on the staterooms on Nautilus you hear the song through the hull!! We got to snorkel with a mother and a calf humpback whale and a male laying under watching over them just beside Nautilus Explorer. The baby was playing laying on his back on the shoulder on his mother watching up at us and what a sound! Klicking squieling shouting singings, wonder what they are saying?
An other dive we dive directly in to a juvenile whale shark 7 metres in size. followed by several black jacks that like to strike their sides of the whale shark maybe to strike of parasites from their bodies or maybe it is a defense behavior, we can never really know.  It has just been two magic days at Roca Partida. This place can just be magic! Not many places you in the same dive can see 6 different species of sharks including the whale shark, mantas, dolphins and humpback in one dive. This is our second to  last trip here this season, feels a bit nostalgic to leave. I kiss her barnacle surface goodbye each time leaving her. See you next season dear Rock!  Sten.
Surface condition : Some wind , 6-7 ft long ocean swell. sun and clouds. 27 C
Underwater conditions: 120-140 ft viz as the best. 50ft as the least. Almost no current temp 74-75f 24C

By Nautilus Staff

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