Sharks, sharks and oh yeah, giant mantas as well

Location: The Canyon, San Benedicto Island, Socorro, Revillagigedo Archipelago, Baja California
We had bigger seas and strong wind today so the divesite  Boiler that we did in the beginning of the trip was not to think about, but the  Canyon was calm.
We descended to the cleaning station, the divers in the water acted perfectly and thats why we had a beautiful shark dive. all sat down quietly by the rocks and a bit a way from the cleaning station. I took time. 25 min non stop sighting of a nice group of 50 hammerheads circling above us in beautiful silhouette to the morning sun.
The next dive repeated itself for those who went down there again, we also had giant  mantas coming in. In the afternoon the viz got worse by an ash cloud, but some areas were better then others. Last dive we just had a couple of hammerhead sharks  (hammers as Captain Mike calls them) but we called in several big eyed jacks and were surrounded by a group of a 200-300.
Also saw a  green moray eal searching on the bottom when curious leatherbass and blue fin trevally followed it, they where so occupied following the moray eal searching for prey that we as divers could be straight up with them and even push them aside and they did not swim away. An other smaller moray eal came up probably a male. They had a small fight and the bigger probably female swam quickly away.
Another trip is over, we got blessed by mother of the seas this trip.   Sten
Surface conditions: 8 ft swell in unprotected areas, calm at our dive site. . 20 knots wind.  Sun and clouds. temp 26  C
Underwater condition ; 100ft to 35ft viz no current to some, temp 75 F 25 C

By Nautilus Staff

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