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  • Whale shark in the Sea of Cortez

    Whale Sharks, Orcas, Sea Lions and More in Bahia de los Angeles

    Incredible. There must have been 3 or 4 whale sharks that we swam with.

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  • Manila Galleons were part of the history of Guadalupe Island, Painting by Cornelis Verbeeck, circa 1618

    The History of Guadalupe Island

    Welcome to Guadalupe Island! Situated in deep water off the continental shelf of North America, the history of Guadalupe Island is rich with Spanish and Portuguese explorers, pirates, gold and the Manila galleons, rapacious American and Russian sealers and fur traders. We love Guadalupe Island and hope that you will come to feel the same way. This volcanic island is estimated to be 8 million years old!!

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  • Great white gets up close

    2017 is looking like our sharkiest season ever at Guadalupe!

    It looks very much like we may see record numbers of great white sharks this coming season at Guadalupe Island. Shark sightings off both California and the east coast of the United States are already crazy and record breaking. I was in Long Beach, California at the beginning of May, where TV stations were running headline stories about large numbers of great white sharks being spotted off local beaches. During one afternoon, 9 great whites were spotted off just one beach. Whoohoooo!!! This is so exciting!!!!! Many scientists and experts believe that we are experiencing perfect conditions for a resurgence of great white sharks off the coasts of the USA and Mexico. State and federal protection of sharks, combined with the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, Amended 1994 protecting all marine mammals including pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, and elephant seals are quite yummy from a great white sharks perspective) may well have provided the perfect circumstances for the predator population to thrive over the last 20 years. Dr. Chris Lowe, director of the Shark Lab at Cal State Long Beach, says “The California coast is now teeming with young sharks that are attracted to its safe and rich ecosystem.”…

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  • If you need more than just good 'ol manta lovin', we also enjoyed a pod of dolphins swimming with us on our first dive of the trip

    Happy New Year to all of you Scuba stallions out there! Hope you all rang in the new year with your chosen ones. We have just started our first Socorro Islands trip of 2014, having just wrapped up a great first day of diving at San Benedicto. We departed Cabo San Lucas on the southern tip of Baja California on the night of the 4th and had an absolutely beautiful transit south to San Benedicto with calm seas all the way and enjoying a dolphin escort about halfway down and again as we arrived at the island. We started this morning with a checkout dive at the Canyon. A mild current and 80ft plus of viz made for perfect conditions to dust off the old gear and clear the brain. Most people saw a couple giant mantas and a scattered hammerhead around as well down there so not a bad way to kick off the trip. After our first dive we moved up to the north west side of the island and spent the rest of the day diving the famous manta site the Boiler. Historically in our time diving these islands the Boiler has been the most consistent for…

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  • Today’s crossing to Socorro Island was very gentle with almost glass seas and a very low swell. We spotted turtles on the way, resting on the surface.

    Although each and every trip is different to the Revillagigedo Islands they all start with our departure from the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula which stands as a buttress between the north Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes. Heading generally south we begin our journey  to San Benedicto which is the closest island to Cabo San Lucas. For the first two hours we must thread our way through all the small boats and pangas that are fishing or sightseeing near the tip of the Baja. As we clear the last of the boats in sight we are join briefly by a small group of 20-30 spinner dolphins. Today’s crossing is very gentle with almost glassy seas and low swell. We are able to spot the turtles along the way resting at the surface. About mid-way we have the opportunity to slow down to observe a couple of whales as they make a random appearance close off our starboard bow.

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  • San Benitos Island – A perfect mix of tropical and temperate diving?? The seal grabbed my fin in it’s mouth!!!

    On my break today I slipped into my wetsuit and clambered aboard the dive skiff along with Hostess Carmen. First Mate Shaun expertly drove us out to a kelp patch located along side San Martin, a small island a few hours off the coast of the Baja California. Only fishermen live on this small island and just when they are fishing. The only permanent residents are a plethora of sea birds and lots of harbor seals. Carmen and I back flipped into the water and we were off. I joined a group of guests, Daniel, Marcel and Erich from Switzerland as they were cruising in and out of the giant kelp fronds. Kelp happens to be one of my favorite things to see while diving, I know its not as rare as mantas or as exciting as Great White Sharks but there is something so beautiful about it as it filters the sun from the surface that I can‚t seem to get sick of it. I was following slowly behind these guests, exploring nooks and crevices when I happened to catch a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and came face to face…

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  • KUDOS to the Mexican authorities for tracking and arresting great white shark poachers..

    The white shark population at Guadalupe Island appears to be stable.  We see the same sharks year after year (touch wood).    There is good surveillance and enforcement by the Mexican authorities.   Unfortunately the same is not always true for other parts of Baja California and we have seen disturbing photos of butchered white sharks in the Sea of Cortes and other areas.   Hearty deeply felt well-done to the Mexican authorities for tracking and intercepting 2 containers of poached sharks being shipped out to Korea.  article below.  Safe diving. – Captain Mike This note was published today in a major newspaper in México City: http://www.milenio.com/cdb/doc/noticias2011/fa5d6a9e631c24257f0d9b3fa7769e2d  It says that two containers of marine produce bound to Korea were confiscated last Tuesday morning in Ensenada.   Among the confiscated products there were 16 pectoral fins, 5 dorsal fins and three semi-caudal fins belonging to white sharks.  It was a coordinated action between the Navy belonging to the Unified Center for Attention of Maritime and Port Incidents (CUMAR in Spanish) and the Maritime Customs office in Ensenada.  This marine products are banned for fishing. After the analysis and review of the containers at the Customs Office at the Port, the General Attorney at…

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