The Sea of Cortez is Phenomenal

So far our Sea of Cortez revenge trip is going phenomenal. We left Cabo the night of the 16th where we had smooth sailing all the way to the first location. Punta Arena de la Ventana. I love this place to start our trips because this place for some reason always hold some nice surprises. Once we got there we prepared for the first dive of our outdoor trip. The first dive was amazing we saw so many fish it was like swimming in a very crowded aquarium. This spot is quit shallow so you could go diving or snorkelling would be a great option as well. But the best part of the dive we got towards the end of the dive, some mobulas showed up during our dive. I love seeing the mobulas glide so gracefully thru the water.

After lunch we went to La Reina, another dive site. There we got lucky with some super friendly turtles hanging out with us while above us a small group of Sea Lions were playing at the surface. 

To top of the wonderful day we did a sunset dive. To me this is one of the best times of the day for a dive because I love to see how the reef changes. The day creatures are looking for a safe place to spend the night and the night creatures are starting to roam around. 

This is only the start of the trip. I am excited to see what the rest of the activities bring us…

Now we are getting ready for a kayak tour in an amazing bay.

  • Dive Master Stein, onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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