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  • whale shark shows up to excite divers at roca partida

    Whale shark makes divers wild with excitement!

    In all of this, a good size male whale shark who turns up followed by a cloud of black jacks and silvertip sharks. They are coming by and sticking themselves towards the whale shark. Excitement goes wild by the divers, second time I have seen this.

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  • Maya offers a new perspective in Manta Love at Roca Partida

    Maya’s ode to Roca Partida

    Just when we were wondering how it could get any better… our eyes adjust looking out into the blue water as the famous spots of the largest fish in the ocean appear. A school bus of a giant female *WHALESHARK!!* cruises past us, only to be followed by a couple chevron and black manta rays.

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  • Socorro Mantas - encountered daily

    Mantas on the Daily

    What is special about Socorro, and the difference between my other dive experiences such as in Thailand and in the Red Sea, is the interaction with the animals. Mantas show up daily, which come to you and make a connection with you. They come so close to your eyes, that you are not the one who touches the manta, he touches you if he wants. : ) We had many mantas in Maldives but only the Socorro giant mantas give us, nearly daily, this intense experience and interaction, which sometime lets you forget that you have a camera with you! And the topping of the cake was the whale shark, which surprised us this morning. We learned that here in Socorro, in the middle of nowhere, everything is possible! Yannik Muenz, Germany Starting with lots of sleeping whitetips in the balconies of Roca Partida, we were surrounded by big-eye jacks and Galapagos sharks at the wall. The visibility was impressive. Next we found mantas, at least 3 or 4 different ones. And finally we found a whale shark, around 6-7 meters long, right at the safety stop! I would be happy to have more time here at Roca Partida. Michael…

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  • Roca Partida looks underwhelming from the surface. A huge school that seemed to go on forever underwater was mesmerizing..

    Dive day two of our current Socorro expedition has us diving famous Roca Partida. A guano covered rock in the middle of the pacific ocean, seeing it from the surface is slightly underwhelming. As soon as you back-roll off our dive tenders and dip beneath the surface though the rock comes alive. Roca Partida is a place you can see 5 or 6 different species of sharks on a single dive, while being surrounded by schooling bonito or yellow-fin tuna. Bottle-nose dolphins and giant pacific mantas are also frequent visitors. Today we had all of the above at one time or another. The dolphins were very active this morning and spent a lot of time with the divers, swimming circles around us while they inevitably drew us deeper and deeper. If you could take your eyes off the dolphins you would probably see silky, Galapagos, silver-tip, hammerheads, and/or white tip reef sharks above, below or somewhere nearby. On two of our dives today we had a very young whale shark circling the rock repeatedly, giving everyone a chance to enjoy some quality whale shark time. A huge school of bonitos that seemed to go on forever were as mesmerizing as…

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  • Our annual and very unusual visit to Clarion Island. WOW!!

    We are about a third of the way through our current dive expedition to the Socorro Islands. This expedition is 13 days total and will include 11 days of diving. One benefit of this extra long trip is the chance to visit Isla Clarion. Clarion is the last of the 4 islands of the Revillagigedo Archipelago and is rarely visited due to it’s distance from the other three islands. We began our diving for this trip as we usually do at San Benedicto. Upon arrival at the island we were greeted by the pod of resident bottlenose dolphins playing in our bow wake and the spouts of the migratory humpback whales. Diving on the first day started off a little slow but improved on the second dive with a friendly giant manta circling and interacting with almost all our guests. Taking advantage of the fair weather early in the trip, after our first day at San Benedicto we enjoyed an easy overnight transit to the infamous Roca Partida. At Roca we enjoyed 3 great sharky dives featuring silver tips, galapagos and hammerheads as well as some silky sharks and of course lots of white-tip reef sharks. Other than the sharks…

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  • Guest Blog – Hammerheads, and what I am Certain was a Tiger Shark – Clipperton

    Another sunny day at Clipperton. Today diving around the NE side of the island. A lot of activity on the reef for the pre-breakfast dive with White Tip Reef and Galapagos sharks cruising in. If you hung around too long a Moray would be over to check you out. Excitement on the third dive: hammerheads and what I am certain was a Tiger shark – a substantial outline with those silver and black stripes – just checking the video now – it cruised into the reef and skirted us and then back into the blue. Reports from the fourth dive include a turtle sighting .. Nadine Day started well, backward roll straight into the blue and a circling school of big eye jacks. On the second dive I saw a hammerhead, not in the blue but cruising on the reef at 26 metres. I sat out the 3rd dive which is not to be advised on Clipperton as I missed 2 more hammerheads! But on 4th dive, with a great deal of fish activity, we saw another scalloped hammerhead but it was on the small side. Towards end of dive we also saw a wahoo above us near the surface.A…

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  • Overly frisky silky sharks & 50 false killer whales show up at Socorro Island. English y Portuguese. May 11, 2010. Guest and Divemaster blog.

    Today was a bit of a strange day at Roca partida. The direction of the current was a bit unusual in its direction. And the sharks around the rock where fewer then normal. Though we had schools of tousands of yellow fin tunas exploding in all directions when we got in between them. And Whaoos not a couple, not ten but more then 50 maybe even a hundred. To see that many whaoos at the same time is very very rare. We just spotted a few hammerheads and silvertips m but mostly deep. After the 3td dive when we came back from the dive we spotted false orcas, relative to Pilot whales. So we went in and they came curiously in to us and sonared us and checked us up several times. Big group of them out there maybe a hundred. We had around a 25-30 with us. Suddenly being in the water the zodiak was with us more then 30 very curiouse silky sharks came quickly swimming up to us and stroke just beside our fins. I suddenly noticed that all my guests had got out of the water and sat in the inflateble. Funny I thought they came…

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