Mantas on the Daily

What is special about Socorro, and the difference between my other dive experiences such as in Thailand and in the Red Sea, is the interaction with the animals. Mantas show up daily, which come to you and make a connection with you. They come so close to your eyes, that you are not the one who touches the manta, he touches you if he wants. : )
We had many mantas in Maldives but only the Socorro giant mantas give us, nearly daily, this intense experience and interaction, which sometime lets you forget that you have a camera with you!
And the topping of the cake was the whale shark, which surprised us this morning. We learned that here in Socorro, in the middle of nowhere, everything is possible!
Yannik Muenz, Germany

Starting with lots of sleeping whitetips in the balconies of Roca Partida, we were surrounded by big-eye jacks and Galapagos sharks at the wall. The visibility was impressive. Next we found mantas, at least 3 or 4 different ones. And finally we found a whale shark, around 6-7 meters long, right at the safety stop! I would be happy to have more time here at Roca Partida.
Michael Hagstroem, Germany


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