Whale shark makes divers wild with excitement!

Chevron Manta Photo Session

Today at Tosca we had a private photo session with a Chevron Manta. Our divers Frank, Michael, Sean, and Peter had the priviledge to take pictures and play for 50 minutes (the whole dive!) with this particular manta. It was a wonderful experience.

While snorkeling with silkies, we had unexpected guests…dolphins!

Tomorrow we will see what we can find on Cabo Pierce 🙂

– Divemaster Ari

Whale Shark Excitement

We got in by Roca Partida by midday. We had the rock all to ourselves. Current is going strong around the corners of Roca so we jump up current and balance on the quiet bubble that is in the center of the rock and where the most life is happening. Hundreds of black jacks, bigeye jacks, and cotton mouth jacks. Big silvertips and galapagos sharks are cruising by in among thousands of creole fish, back and forth.

I don’t often see a group of BIG yellow fin tunas. We saw about 10 of them following a silver female wagging her tail in sexy shakes that excited the males. They are turning gold, black, copper green and different stripes on their body. Something I only see so colourful when they are spawning, it goes on and on.

In all of this, a good size male whale shark who turns up followed by a cloud of black jacks and silvertip sharks. They are coming by and sticking themselves towards the whale shark. Excitement goes wild by the divers, second time I have seen this.

I gave my good friend (underwater photographer Douglas) a whale shark signal when I saw the shadow turning up again. Douglas looks at me like asking “What!?” I sign again and again – a sign of mega mouth with my arms. I am thinking, “What is American for whale shark?” He obviously didn’t understand my Mexican sign language. The shark is not yet visible as the clouds of jacks are surrounding it. It is just a big shadow. Then he suddenly sees it and gets to action with the camera!

Towards the end on the safety stop he comes one more time! This time nice, slow and close to the rock just the way you want to see him! That was some good dives!

Today we are heading for Cabo Pierce and what we are having on our bucket list are mantas.

– Divemaster Sten “Vikingo” Johansson

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